Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Procedures

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is also popular as gastric bypass surgery. It is solution for you who suffer with overweight and some other health problem. This surgery is type of weight loss surgery that can be done by involve by creating small in your stomach. This surgery is done by connecting newly created pouch directly to your small intestine. When you do this kind of surgery swallowed food will be able to go to this small pouch in your stomach and then go directly to your small intestine.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is very popular and mostly done in United States. This surgery usually is a way for them who have already done some diet programs and exercises but they don’t get good result. This surgery is also good for them who suffer with serious health problems related with weight. For all of you who are interested in doing this kind of surgery, you need to know some information related with this surgery. Read more

What is Bariatric Surgery and the Criteria of BMI for Bariatric Surgery?

Do you understand BMI for bariatric surgery? Some of you may have known and some of you haven’t. So, this article will give you detailed information related to it. Check it out.

Definition of bariatric operations in general

Bariatric surgery is a special medical procedure aimed at overcoming obesity. Usually, postoperative weight loss can reach 40-68% in an interval of 2 years. This operation is also done with several procedures, depending on each patient’s condition. The main purpose of bariatric surgery is to lose weight in a fast time and prevent various chronic diseases that lurk. Read more

Roux En Y Gastrojejunostomy: The Pros and Cons

Roux en y gastrojejunostomy is type or surgery that is usually done by end-to-side surgical anastomosis or bowel in order to reconstruct gastrointestinal track. People usually call it as gastrojejunostomy. According to some doctors, it is surgical procedure which an anastomosis is made between your stomach and the proximal look of the jejunum. There are some reasons of doing this surgical procedure.

This surgery can be done by opening or laparoscopic approach. When you do this kind of surgery, your stomach will be made smaller than before. The smaller stomach will be divided into two compartments or it will be divided with staples. For all of you who do this surgery, after you chew your food and it mixes with your saliva in your mouth, the food will go down to the esophagus to your stomach pouch and then into the other small intestine. It makes you need less time for food digestion and for calorie absorption. Read more

Learn More about BMI for Gastric Bypass

BMI for gastric bypass information can be found in some sources. Weight loss surgery is now popular as a way to lose weight in fast time. People who suffer with their overweight will do some ways in order to lose their weight. People who like to get instant result usually will choose surgery option as a shortcut.

Actually, people do surgery to lose their weight for health reason too. Not all people are recommended for doing this kind of surgery since some people can lose their weight in other way such as doing diet program and some other ways. People who suffer with diabetes usually will do this kind of way to lose their weight. Here, you will know more about gastric surgery, and who are the candidates for this kind of weight loss surgery here. Read more

What Is the BMI for Gastric Sleeve? Know More About The Surgery

Do you have the right BMI for gastric sleeve? The gastric sleeve surgery is a bariatric procedure that is often used as a weight loss solution. It is the most often performed bariatric surgery in the world due to its effectiveness.

However, before you undergo the gastric sleeve surgery, you must know several things. Do you fulfill the criteria for the surgery? How does it work? What are its benefits? Read more