Possible Health Risks When People Cannot Maintain Normal BMI For Women

Women and weight loss cannot be separated from one another. It is undeniable that many women pay great attention to their body weight because it will affect their appearance and confidence. They want to lose some weight because it makes them feel more beautiful and confident. Nevertheless, losing weight is not only about beauty. It is also about health. It is necessary to keep normal bmi for women because it can prevent them from various possible health risks. Read more

4 Things to Know about Intragastric Balloon Placement

Talking about weight loss procedures, you might be familiar with the intragastric balloon. This procedure involves a saline-filled silicone balloon that is placed in your stomach. The balloon in your stomach will limit your hunger while making you feel full faster.

This procedure should be on your list in case you are worried about your weight while exercise and diet didn’t work for you. Just like any other procedure to lose weight, this procedure requires your commitment to perform a healthier lifestyle. Read more

What Should My BMI Be?

Many people pay great attention to their body weight because they want to maintain not only their health but also their beauty. Some people can be so obsessed with their body weight after all. Nevertheless, health is not only about body weight. They need to pay attention to their BMI. This index will give them the number based on their weight and height. It can be considered more accurate for determining health status. What should my bmi be? This might be a question that people have in their minds. Read more

How to Get Weight Loss Surgery Approved – Tips and Things to Consider

If you intend to take weight loss surgery, you need to find out about how to get weight loss surgery approved. Obesity is all over the world right now, especially in the US. On the other hand, obesity comes with a series of serious health conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure gout, and heart stroke to name a few.

According to data, most insurance providers in the US don’t cover bariatric surgery. It makes a lot of Americans unable to receive the procedure. What can we do then? Well, you need to read these tips before considering taking bariatric surgery. Read more