BMI Chart: How Much Should I Weigh?

Do you still confuse to calculate your body mass index (BMI)? Do many people want to know the question relating to how much should I weigh? However, when you want to know how much you weigh, you can calculate it through a BMI calculator. Beside it, you can use the BMI chart to calculate your BMI. BMI chart is helpful for those of you who want to calculate your body mass index. Here is the information you should know relating to the BMI chart.

What is the BMI Chart?

how much should I weighHave you ever used the BMI chart? When you want to know about your BMI, one of the solutions is that you can use the BMI chart. BMI chart is a chart that helps many people to calculate their weight so that they can know their BMI index. When people use it, they can easily know the categories of their body based on the BMI categories like normal, underweight, or maybe obese.

Body Mass Index Categories Through BMI Chart

BMI chart allows you to calculate your BMI or body mass index manually. Beside it, the BMI chart also allows you to classify your BMI category based on the BMI graphic. BMI for every range of people is different like for children, adults, or kids. Thus, you have to know the BMI graphic you should use when you want to know the categories of your body.

There are four categories of BMI charts to answer how much should I weigh. The first categories are underweight. For underweight, the number of BMI is less than 18,5. The second is a normal weight. For normal weight, the number of BMI is 18,5 until 24,9. The third is overweight. For normal weight, the number of BMI is 25 until 29,9. The fourth is obesity class 1. For obesity class 1, the number of BMI is 30 until 34,9, and obesity class 2 is 35 until 39,9. The last is extreme obesity or class 3 which the number is 40 and more.

Calculate BMI Chart for Children

Even though BMI can still work in the same children, but we can know that children are still growing even though at the same age. So, it needs a BMI chart for children to calculate children’s BMI. For example, if you have children who have 50th percentile, it means that 50% of your children have the same age of BMI figures. Besides, when your children have 85th percentile, it means that your children have 85% the same or lower BMI as the figure.

The Example of BMI Chart for Children

When you want to calculate your children using a BMI chart and answer how much should I weigh, you have to know the formula to calculate it. If your children have age 14th and have 5 feet and 3 inches with weighs 120 pounds, you can know that your children’s BMI is 21,3. it is because your children have 76th percentile. You can say that the BMI chart in this term can be knows and healthy weight because it has a proper range between the number of 90 until 128 pounds.

The Advantages of BMI Chart

There are some advantages when you use a BMI chart. BMI chart is useful for those of you who want to know and visualize the range of BMI based on the categories. So, if you want to look for the number of your BI categories, you can use it. Beside it, the BMI chart also uses in several fields like health statistics, fashion, and so on. You also can use it to locate your height and answer how much should I weigh to determine your BMI scores and categories through BMI chart.


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