Body Mass Index Calculate: Easily to Calculate BMI

Do you want to calculate your body mass index or BMI? BMI calculator for men or women is helpful for them especially for those of you who want to calculate your BMI. Using the BMI calculator, you can easily calculate your BMI. However, have you ever calculate your BMI using the BMI calculator. Before using it, you have to know things you have to know relating to the categories. In this article, I will share the information about how to calculate body mass index in kg. Here is the information you should know.

What is BMI?

BMI is the term of value for a person (woman or man) to know their body mass index through their height and weight. When you want to calculate your BMI, you can use the BMI calculator so you can know the categories of your body. In this term, you will find four categories as the result of BMI calculator like obese, overweight, normal, and the last is weight or underweight. That category is based on the BMI calculator range.

The Categories of BMI

how to calculate body mass index in kgWhen you want to categories your BMI, you have to know the classification of BMI through BMI scores. For underweight the BMI is less than 18,5, normal weight is 18,5 until 24,9, overweight is 25 until 29,9, obesity class 1 is 30 until 34,9, obesity class 2 is 35 until 39,9, and extreme obesity class 3 is 40 and more. However, you can use the BMI chart to help you calculate it manually based on the classification.

How to Calculate BMI Index in kg?

For those of you who are still confused about how to calculate body mass index in kg, you can use the BMI calculator. You can easily use it and calculate it. Here is the formula to calculate your BMI you have to know when you want to calculate it.

  • The imperial of BMI formula= weight (LBS) x 703: height (inches2).
  • The metric of BMI formula= weight (kg) : height (metre2)

However, if you want to calculate your BMI using the imperial system, you can figure the height and the weight as 1 kilogram means 2,2 pounds, 1 foot means 12 inches, and 1 inch means 2,54 centimeters. Thus, when you have 5 feet and 4 inches, it means that you are 1,63 meters when calculate it by metric systems.

The Used of Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is helpful for several fields. Even though BMI has existed for more than 150 years ago, but BMI is still helpful until today. BMI is used for several fields like you can use it in public health statistics. Besides, you can use it to analyze your weigh range, screening tool for solving the weight problems, and you can use it in the fashion industry. Because of it, many people still use BMI especially on how to calculate body mass index in kg.

The Benefits of Maintaining BMI

When you maintain your BMI, it will help you, especially for your healthy weight. There is a lot of problems as a disease because of a weight problem. Because of that, when you maintain your BMI, it will help you to minimize to get the disease. Beside it, you can reduce the risk of overweight or obese in your health. One of which is you have to maintain your food and beverage range and pay attention to always do the exercise.

Thus, the information about how to calculate body mass index in kg. If you think this information is helpful for you, don’t forget to share this information with your beloved people so that they can maintain their BMI. Besides, they can easily calculate their BMI both manually or electronic.

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