The Steps in Gastric Sleeve Diet before Surgery

Before taking the gastric sleeve surgery, you have to prepare several things firstly. One of the most important ones is preparing your body to be ready as the surgery is undergoing. You will be recommended to do the gastric sleeve diet before surgery by your doctor or health professional. There are lots of diets that you can do before taking surgery. You can hunt some information firstly either from internet, magazines, or other reliable sources that can help you in finding the suitable diet.

The purpose of gastric sleeve diet before surgery

Gastric sleeve diet before the surgery method has some particular purposes. Before taking surgery, you are required to go into the condition of VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. This is aimed for helping the shrink of the liver. You can lose the weight as well as reducing the size of the liver. Both of them will help you in decreasing the risk of complication as you are taking the surgery process. The dietitian will give some advices of the best meal that you have to follow. Read more

2 Week Liquid Diet Before Gastric Sleeve For Effective Result

The surgeon will require the diet before surgery. The diet is aimed for losing the fat, especially the abdominal fats much as possible. It will decrease the surgical risk. The type of pre op diet or diet before surgery depends on the kind of surgery that you will undergo. The common one is called as liquid diet. But, the doctor will not require the patients to do this diet all the time. It is done in the last two weeks before surgery. You have to know all about 2 week liquid diet before gastric sleeve if you want to take the gastric sleeve surgery.

The 2 week liquid diet before gastric sleeve program is low calories and frequently between 800 up to 1200 calories. You will be recommended to drink the sugar free and low carbon, which shake higher protein. The protein is needed for helping to preserve the lean muscle mass. It can help you in the recovery period after taking the surgery. You are recommended to consume the protein from 70 up to 20 g daily. Read more

Things to Know About Gastric Sleeve Pre Op Diet

For those who want to take the gastric sleeve surgery, you are required to do the diet which is namely as gastric sleeve pre op diet. It must be noted that this diet is done by the patients who want to take the surgery, especially for those who have a high Body Mass Index which is over 35. For the patients who have BMI fewer than 35, they can go straight forward for the procedures of surgery without need of this diet. You are recommended to do some consultation and discussion with the health professional to know the index of BMI.

The steps of gastric sleeve pre op diet

The gastric sleeve pre op diet procedure is important since this is an essential part of preparation necessary for certain patients who want to undergo the gastric sleeve surgery. If the patients have ready for the surgery process, the health professional or the doctors must know the current weight of the patients. Know the weight of the patient is the start point in gastric sleeve surgery. It can introduce the new lifestyle for the patients that must be started. This pre op diet is aimed to reducing the body fat in liver and abdomen. Read more

The Details of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The gastric sleeve surgery is kind of the common kind of the surgery that is used for the women. It is reasonable because the benefit of gastric sleeve surgery is kind of the surgery that has a purpose to smaller the stomach. The smaller stomach will be useful to lose the weight too. People, especially women always want to have an ideal body to increase their appearance. We will try to know the details of it below.

Consider the benefits of the gastric sleeve surgery

Before dealing the gastric sleeve surgery as the way to lose your weight, it is important for you to know the benefits. The benefits of the best gastric sleeve surgery will guide you to find the reason why you need to do this. You will have the effective ways to reduce the hunger by doing this surgery. Your hunger will be reduced because the doctor has manipulated the ghrelin hormone inside your stomach. By the low hunger, you will be easier to maintain your eat. Read more

Gastric Sleeve Post Op Diet

One of the biggest questions running in the minds of patients, after a gastric sleeve surgery is what kind of diet they should follow. You cannot start eating everything right away naturally, but instead should follow a strict gastric sleeve post op diet to avoid side effects, complications and facilitate weight loss. Read more

Gastric Sleeve Diet

Gastric sleeve surgery is becoming a common weight loss remedy for some people. The size of the stomach is shrunk for it to accommodate less food. For you to achieve successful results and reduce chances of complications and side effects, you have to strictly follow a gastric sleeve diet before and after the procedure. There are a pre op diet and post op diet, which you should follow strictly for excellent results with minimized complications.

For the surgery to be carried out, you have to be safe and one way to be safe. It is to ensure that your liver does not stand in the way of the surgeon. It has to shrink. The doctor can reach the stomach safely for the surgery. This requires a two week for this diet prior to the procedure  to increase your protein intake, reduce carbohydrate intake and eliminate sugar intake. A typical diet for these two weeks would be protein shake without sugar in the morning, vegetables and lean meat for both lunch and dinner. A low carbohydrate snack accompanied by small salads with vinegar, berries and nuts. For your drinks, you can choose anything that is low in calories and sugar free. You may be required to eliminate any carbonated drinks and caffeine in the last two days towards the surgery. Read more

What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a surgical weight loss procedure which your stomach is reduced by removing the lateral to about 25 percent. This surgery reduces your stomach size of a tube or sleeve like structure. The holding capacity of the stomach is about 1.54 liters of liquid and food down to about 200 ml. The normal movement of food from your mouth into your stomach and then into the intestinal tract is not altered. There’s no malabsorption to nutrient as there’s with the bypass gastric procedure. Despite the stomach being smaller, the sleeve of your stomach still functions normally. Nutrients and food continue to enter and leave in the same manner. Acid is made to help digestion continuously, and essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, folate, B12 and iron can be absorbed normally. Read more

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