Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications and How to Minimize It

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries today. It is a surgery where your stomach will be cut off so that you have a smaller stomach. Its purpose to reduce your eating portion so that you will feel full more quickly. This weight loss method is very effective and safe. There are many people who are interested in it. You have to know that it has some risks and complications. We will share about gastric sleeve surgery complications that are common to happen in this article.

The General Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are 3 common complications that often happen to you who take gastric sleeve surgery. One of the most common complications is leakage. Leakage happens in the stomach that is cut by your surgeons. It happens because your stomach is very sensitive. The condition of your stomach is very weak after the surgeons cut your stomach. This complication happens directly or a few days after the surgery. Some patients do not experience this complication if the condition is strong enough. Read more

Is Gastric Sleeve Safe for You?

Gastric sleeve is a kind of weight loss surgery where the procedure is to cut your stomach so that it limits your portion. Your weight will be reduced gradually. It is very effective and good for a long term diet. Some people are afraid of this surgery because some reasons. The most important thing is the safety. Is gastric sleeve safe? I can say that it is safe. However, you have to be careful with the possible side effects that happen.

The Safety of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are many people who are sure to take this weight loss surgery, but some other people are afraid of it. There are many people who have proven that this is really safe for you. The risk of death from this surgery of weight loss is only about 2%. If you follow the procedures and the rules of gastric sleeve, you do not need to be doubtful is gastric sleeve safe. If you are interested in it, you can take it. Make sure that you consult with your doctor or surgeon first. Read more

The Physical and Psychological Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

The gastric bypass surgery becomes the most popular way taken for solving the problem relating to obesity. This way does not bring into the disadvantage only. Every type of medication can bring the disadvantage and the advantage at the same time except the natural way. Besides knowing about some advantages of the surgery, you must to know the gastric bypass surgery complications.

The gastric bypass surgery complications relate into both of the physical and psychological effects. It must be faced by people after the surgery. Both of them have the same importance level to be considered. They can cause bad moment of your life to be enjoyed when they do not prevent or cured. Facing the risks must be planned even before you take the decision for the surgery. You will be ready when the real risks appear in front of you. Read more

How to Minimize Gastric Sleeve Complications

People who are overweight more and more. It happens is almost all countries. It is caused by the unhealthy foods which they eat. Other factors may affect this problem such as genetic factors, bad lifestyles, etc. People prefer a fast way to reduce their weight in this modern era. The fastest way is by getting gastric sleeve surgery. It is a surgery where your stomach will be cut smaller, so it can control your eating portion to be smaller. It will able to reduce your weight fast. You have to be careful with gastric sleeve complications.

How to Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before you think about gastric sleeve complications, you need to know the how to get gastric sleeve surgery first. This surgery is taken by those who have tried many kinds of diets, but failed with all of them. It can be the practical and faster way to lose weight. If you want to get this surgery, you need to make sure that you have a body mass index more than 35. It is recommended to have about 40 of body mass index. Read more

What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a surgical weight loss procedure which your stomach is reduced by removing the lateral to about 25 percent. This surgery reduces your stomach size of a tube or sleeve like structure. The holding capacity of the stomach is about 1.54 liters of liquid and food down to about 200 ml. The normal movement of food from your mouth into your stomach and then into the intestinal tract is not altered. There’s no malabsorption to nutrient as there’s with the bypass gastric procedure. Despite the stomach being smaller, the sleeve of your stomach still functions normally. Nutrients and food continue to enter and leave in the same manner. Acid is made to help digestion continuously, and essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, folate, B12 and iron can be absorbed normally. Read more