bariatric sleeve surgery diet

Bariatric Sleeve Surgery Diet Plans and Guides

Too fat body will not only bad for doing activities, but also bad for your health. It can cause some health problems from diabetes to heart attack. So, you need to have a diet. Manual diet, such as controlling foods and doing exercises are not enough and failed. Surgery can be your choice. One of the most recommended surgery is Bariatric sleeve. By cutting your stomach, you will have the smaller stomach so that you can control your eating portion because you will feel full faster. If you are interested in Bariatric sleeve surgery diet, you need to pay attention to the following plans.

Bariatric Sleeve Surgery Diet Plans

1. Pre Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

Before you take this surgery, you need to make sure that you do not have too much fat around your liver. The surgeons can cut your stomach safely. You need to have diet to reduce the fat around your liver. This diet will be better if you follow at least 2 weeks before the Bariatric sleeve surgery diet. There are many rules of diet that you need to pay attention. It relates to the foods and beverages that are allowed and prohibited for you.

About 2 weeks before Bariatric sleeve weight loss surgery, you have to prioritize protein shakes. You should make sure that the beverages you drink or sugar free. Besides sugar free, your beverages should be not carbonated and no caffeine. If you consider eating soup broth, it should be without solid pieces. You can consider drinking vegetable juices and V8. Even though ice cream is not recommended, you can eat it as long as it is very thin. Another allowed food for Bariatric sleeve surgery diet is lean meat or vegetables.

2. The Day of Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

On the day of the surgery, you have to know that you should eat foods as little as possible. Some surgeons will advise you not eat anything, but water. This rule should be followed from the night before the surgery. The surgery will be easier to do with an empty stomach. The empty stomach will have the best result because the cutting stomach will be maximal.

3. Post Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

Post Bariatric sleeve surgery diet is more important because it has an important role in the result of the weight loss surgery. This post operation diet is divided into 4 stages. The first stage is in the first week after the surgery. You are still not allowed to eat anything. You are only allowed to drink clear liquids. Clear liquids that are recommended for Bariatric sleeve surgery diet are water, sugar free Jell-O fat free broth, and fat free milk. Those clear liquids should be drunk with the right portion just to stay hydrated.

You will get into the second stages. It is about the second and third weeks. After a week only drink clear liquids, you can introduce the new things to consume. You are allowed to consume pureed protein sources. It should not be too much. You are only allowed to consume those sources of protein for about 60 up to 70 grams per day. So, you should know that you must not drink any liquid a half hour before and after eating.

You should not be confused to choose the pureed sources of protein in the diet. There are many ideas that you can consider. One of them is protein shakes. This is the most recommended option. You can consider eating egg whites because it contains high protein. If you consider cheese, you have to make sure that the cheese you eat is soft and nonfat. It is allowed to eat. Another recommended pureed source of protein that you can consume for Bariatric sleeve surgical diet is cottage cheese that is nonfat. It is safe and good for your health.

In the fourth and fifth weeks, you enter the stage 3. You can introduce new foods to your stomach. You are allowed to eat soft foods. It should belong to healthy foods. The goal is similar to the second stage that is to focus on the protein. You can get the protein from soft meals, not only liquids. Then, you will have more options. You can get the protein in the Bariatric sleeve surgery, diet from meat, eggs, dairy foods, and vegetables. You can choose based on your desire.

If you need recommendations, you can try eating the following ideas. If you like meat, eggs and dairy foods, tofu, cheese, cottage cheese, egg whites, fish, turkey, and chicken can be your great options. You have to make sure that the cheese and cottage cheese should be nonfat whereas the turkey and chicken should be lean. You can consider some vegetables for bariatric sleeve surgery diet, such as avocados, bananas, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and potatoes.

After entering the sixth week, it means you are in the last stage before you can eat normally and do your routines. You can introduce solid foods gradually. The real foods are tolerated by your stomach because the condition will have been strong enough. There are many tips that you have to pay attention. You should eat slowly, separate between drinking and eating, prioritize foods with high protein, and avoid sugar.

Besides eating real foods with these tips, you should consider doing exercises to help you to get the best result of weight loss. You can start from the easy exercises and then increase the level gradually as you want. Those tips will be very helpful for Bariatric sleeve surgery diet. Hopefully this will be a good reference.