Bariatric surgery diet

Important Tips for Bariatric Surgery Diet

Bariatric surgery diet is one of the most recommended methods for diet. People who have a weight problem are increased. Reduce weight will not be easy. Some people prefer surgery to get the ideal body. Bariatric surgery is the safest option. It is a surgery where your stomach will be cut off to be smaller. It is very effective because your weight will be cut off so fast up to 60% from the extra weight. If you want to take this weight loss surgery, you need to prepare many things. You need to know what to do after the surgery.

General Bariatric Surgery Diet Tips

One of the Bariatric surgery diet preparations is to reduce your eating portion. After you take this weight loss surgery, your smaller stomach will not be able to a receive big portion of meals. You need to customize it at least 2 weeks before this diet. You can control your portion after the recovery. Then, you need to improve your protein. Protein will make you healthier so that you can get the surgery in a healthy condition. Avoid foods with high calories, fat, and sugar is a good idea.

Fulfill the Needs of Fluids

You need to fulfill the needs of fluids in your body. Fluids can be gotten from either foods or beverages. You need to choose the foods and beverages with low calories and sugar. All the liquids should be free of caffeine and alcohol. Fresh water can be a good beverage. You need to get about 7 to 8 glasses of liquids every day. It is not only before the Bariatric surgery, diet but after it.

Get More Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients needed by your body is protein. It will be needed as the diet requirements. The need for protein is about 65 up to 75 grams a day. How can you get the ideal protein? You have to choose your foods. You need to eat foods with high protein. One of the biggest sources of protein is egg. Meat, fish, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, soy milk, poultry, tuna, and seafood are good to be consumed before you take a bariatric surgery diet.

Consume Multivitamins

Multivitamins can be a good idea for you before taking this weight loss diet. It will include a supplement and mineral. The multivitamins you consume should contain at least zinc, copper, selenium, 400 mcg folic acid, and 18 milligrams iron. Two recommended brands of multivitamins are Centrum Adult Chewable and Trade Joe’s. Take multivitamins twice a day will be good as one of the preparations before the diet.

Get Vitamin B12 and D

Vitamins can be nutrients in the diet. You need to consume vitamin B12 about 500 microgram a day and vitamin D about 450 IUs twice per day to get the best result. You can get from some foods, beverages and even supplements to get those vitamins. There are many supplements that contain high vitamin B12 as well as vitamin D. It will minimize the risk of complications by taking those vitamins.

Recovery Time

After taking this weight loss surgery diet, you will have recovery time. You will not be allowed to go home directly after the surgery. You need to stay at the hospital for a few days. The fastest can be 2 days, whereas the longest is about a week. If there is a complication, it may take longer time, but it is very seldom. Your diet will be monitored by the doctor, surgeon, and dietician during the recovery time. After the recovery time, you are allowed to go home. You have to control your own diet at home without monitoring from the doctor.

Liquids after Two Weeks

After two weeks, the pain and complaint may be lost. You need to keep yourself hydrated. You need to fulfill the needs of liquid. There are many recommended liquids that you can get. You can get liquids from milk. Lactose free drinks will be good for you. You should consider pudding and yogurt with free sugar. Cottage cheese with low fat is recommended for you. Other liquids such as cereals, cream, rice cream, wheat cream, and soup can be good for you after Bariatric surgery diet.

Pureed Foods after a Month

After a month of the surgery, you are allowed to eat pureed as well as soft foods. There are many soft and pureed foods that you can eat. One of them is cottage cheese. Lean fish will be good for you to eat a month after Bariatric surgery diet. Hot cereals will be a good option for you. You can consider eating noodles. Other recommended pureed foods are canned tuna, canned fruits, egg whites, mashed potatoes, pureed vegetables, and yogurt.

Long Term Tips

You will be allowed to eat and drink more various and common foods and beverages. It will increasingly be tolerated by your stomach. You are going to be allowed to eat high fiber vegetables and fruits, breads, chicken, and red meats. Keep in mind for your Bariatric surgery diet is to prioritize low fat, low sugar, and low calorie foods.

That is all about Bariatric surgery, diet that you have to know. By following these tips before and after this weight loss surgery diet, you will be able to get the best result from it. For better control, you can make appointments to your surgeon and dietician to monitor and checkup your condition. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.