bmi for lap band surgery

BMI for Lap Band Surgery – Advantages and Disadvantages

Bmi for lap band surgery is needed to know whether you really need to do this kind of surgery or not. In this modern era, there are some ways to cut your health problem. Body mass index information is really important to decide your next health treatment that you must do. When you get wrong treatment then you may get serious health problem or health risk. That is why all surgery types are needed good procedures, observation and you need to consult about your condition first to your doctor before you take certain surgery type. For all of you who want to know more about this lap band surgery, you can get detail information about it below.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

As it is said above, bmi for lap band surgery is very important because it can show whether you need to do this lap band surgery or not. Actually, what is lap band surgery? It is usually called as gastric band surgery. When you do this surgery, you will get adjustable ring or gastric band in your upper part of the stomach. It kinds that you have new stomach. It is like smaller stomach pouch that can accommodate smaller amount of food to your stomach so you can give limitation to your stomach on what you eat and it helps you to control your body mass index too. There are some advantages that you can get when you do this kind of surgery. You can check some advantages information here.

Advantages of Lap Band Surgery

So, what are some advantages that you will get when you do this lap band surgery?

  • Safe surgery for your weight loss problem because it contains of small risk factor
  • Reduce patient paint and also hospital length. It means you don’t need to waste your time in hospital and you need short recovery time too
  • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies too when we compare with some other surgery types
  • Easy to customize food flows to your stomach. This kind o surgery is suitable for you who need long term weight loss solution
  • No risk of dumping syndrome too
  • It is safe to do during pregnancy
  • Removable anytime you want to remove the band on your stomach

Disadvantages of Lap Band Surgery

Although it gives some benefits for you, you still can find some disadvantages of this surgery such as less weight loss solution than other surgery type and also you still can get small risk postsurgical weight gain. What you must do when you like to do this kind of surgery?

You need to check your bmi first and then you need to visit health professional to consult about your body condition. You need to get their reference first whether you need to do this kind of surgery or maybe you can get your way out with some other solution. After you do surgery, you need to do healthy lifestyle too so you will not get your weight gain again and you don’t need to do some other surgery types or health treatments.

Healthy lifestyle can be done by choosing right food that you must consume. It will depend on what you need in a day. Each of person needs different calories every day because it will depend on their activities too. You may need different calories with your friends because you do some heavy jobs in a day. You should not limit your food consumption until you feel hungry because it will lead you to get new health problem.

What you need to do is just choosing healthy food and know your food consumption and portion. You need to do some exercises too to maintain your body condition. Now you have already known more about bmi for lap band surgery.