can you lose weight after gallbladder removal

Can You Lose Weight After Gallbladder Removal? What You Need to Know

Can you lose weight after gallbladder removal? Gallbladder surgery is a standard procedure to cure gallstones. However, this surgery may cause weight fluctuations. Some people lose weight naturally, but others gain weight. Here’s what you need to know about weight loss after your surgery.

1. Change in Metabolism

The gallbladder is an important organ in the body. When it’s impaired, this condition can disturb your metabolism and digestion. The removal of gallbladder doesn’t mean your body stops producing bile, but the bile is no longer stored in the gallbladder. Rather, it goes into the digestive system.

Some people gain weight after the surgery because the digestive system cannot process sugar and fat properly. This causes the accumulation of fat and weight gain. In other cases, it leads to diarrhea and even weight loss.

2. Change in Diet

In the long term, gallbladder removal doesn’t change your diet. However, patients are usually advised to avoid fatty or greasy foods in the short term following the surgery. It’s advisable to avoid any fried and greasy food containing high fat for at least a week after you have your surgery. This is so the body can adjust to the change in metabolism.
Eventually, patients are allowed to return to their regular diet. Some people gain weight after that because they don’t watch what they eat properly. So, always watch your calories.

3. Get Active

If you ask “can you lose weight after gallbladder removal?”, the answer is yes. Physical activity is the key to it.

Exercising is important for any kind of weight loss. But you won’t be allowed to do strenuous activities before you recover from the surgery, so ask your doctor first. Your doctor will advise you when you can start exercising and how to do it safely.

Always start slow with the exercise. You can begin with a quick walk around the neighborhood or do simple aerobic activities. Once you’ve adjusted to it, increase the intensity.

4. Eat Your Vegetables

With the change in your metabolism, make sure to incorporate a lot of vegetables to your meals. Fruits and whole grains are also great to boost your digestive system’s health. Soluble fiber from oats, barley, and red rice is great to help your body normalize bowel movements.

5. Have Regular, Nutritious Meals

You must eat regularly and establish a good eating routine. It’s good to eat smaller meals more frequently, such as 4 to 6 times a day, than eating 3 big meals. This is to adjust your digestive system with the bile.

Always have moderate servings, because healthy foods can still lead to weight gain if you eat too much. Consult your doctor on what kind of diet you should have post-surgery.

Both weight gain and loss are possible following a gallbladder surgery. The important thing is to find a healthy routine that fits your needs. Can you lose weight after gallbladder removal if at first you gain weight? You can, you just have to adjust your lifestyle to the change. Good luck.