do i qualify for gastric sleeve

Do I Qualify for Gastric Sleeve? Let’s Find Out

You may question, do I qualify for gastric sleeve? The surgery is specially made for those who want to lose weight in a quite easy way. This kind of surgery is also known as Bariatric surgery. The main aim is to change your digestive system and your stomach to limit the food intake and to adjust the nutrients you can absorb, this can lead to weight-loss.

To see whether you are eligible to get the surgery z we’ve listed for you some requirements you need to fulfill to have one.

How Do I Qualify for Gastric Sleeve?

1. Before the Surgery

Once you’re approved to get the surgery, you will be asked to prepare the pre-surgery process weeks or even months before the date. The health care team may ask you to have drinking or eating restrictions, and a lifestyle to help you deal with the changes in exercise and diet. You also need to quit smoking, and start an exercise program, or doing several physical activities. And in some conditions, the patients may also be asked to lose weight before having gastric sleeve surgery.

Also, note that even if your surgery is scheduled, the health care team may reschedule it if you don’t meet their requirements. First, if during the evaluation process, you gain weight, then it will be canceled or delayed. The second is when you don’t make appropriate changes in exercise and eating habits. And the third is when you’re not medically and psychologically ready for the bypass.

2. See If You’re Qualified

Do I qualify for gastric sleeve? Surgery for weight-loss is a life-changing procedure. The main aim is to help you to reduce the risk of health problems related to weight like sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, and also type 2 diabetes. This surgery may bring some complications and major risks. Thus, patients who want to take this surgery need to follow several medical guidelines, as well as qualified for weight-loss surgery.

3. Screening Processes

Screening processes will be conducted to see whether you’re qualified. In general, patients can join to have this surgery if you experience these several things. The first is when you have serious health problems related to weight, and your BMI is between 30 to 34. The second is if you’re a teenager and suffer from obesity related health problems, and the BMI is 35 or more. The third is when the patient’s BMI or body mass index is higher than 40, and the last one is when your exercise and diet effort is not successful.

4. Options to Try

If you don’t meet the criteria to get the surgery, you can have some other options to help you with weight related health problems. The first option is the duodenal switch. This surgery is recommended for those whose BMI is 50 or more. A gastric lap band is another option you can try. Most surgeons may avoid this type of surgery since the low success rate. Yet, if there are no other ways to try, you can give it a try.

Do I Qualify for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Or you can try exercise and diet, but see your fitness experts, nutritionist, and surgeons this way. So, do I qualify for gastric sleeve? Check those lists.