foods to avoid after gallbladder removal

Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Gallbladder Removal

Someone can possibly suffer from diarrhea once they have gone under surgical gallbladder removal. Diarrhea is a common digestive problem that happens after the surgery because the gallbladder is no longer in the body to store the gall. Instead, the gall directly drips into the small intestines and this change in the body causes diarrhea. According to a study, 5 out of 100 patients suffer from diarrhea within 3 months after the surgical gallbladder removal. In order to prevent and care for diarrhea and other digestive problems, there are food and beverages that patients should avoid. So, what foods to avoid after gallbladder removal?

Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Removal of Gallbladder

1. Fatty Meat

Sausages and ground meat contain a lot of fat. These kinds of food are hard to digest and able to cause diarrhea. Patients who have undergone surgical gallbladder removal must avoid fatty meat, especially for a week after the surgery.

2. Sweet Food

Sugary foods that are high in sugar can soften the stool, causing diarrhea. So, patients should avoid sweet food after gallbladder surgery, such as candies, sweet cakes, sweet drinks, and so on.

3. Beverages that Contain Caffeine

Patients who have undergone surgical gallbladder removal need to avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee. It is because caffeine can increase the production of gas as well as increase bowel movements in the body. This condition can cause bloating.

4. Milk and Its Derivatives

The next foods to avoid after gallbladder removal is milk and its derivative products, such as yogurt and cheese. Milk and its derivative products are rich in fat that can cause diarrhea.

Besides avoiding food and drinks mentioned above, increasing the amount of fiber consumed is suggested in order to normalize bowel movements. However, make sure you gradually increase the amount of your fiber intake. Consuming fiber in the early days after surgery will actually make too much gas in the intestines. Moreover, eat in a smaller portion but more often. Try to drink 8 glasses to 10 glasses of water a day to reduce the diarrhea symptoms after the surgery.

Food and Drinks to Consume After Removal of Gallbladder

1. Food that Contains Soluble Fiber

Food that contains soluble fiber will absorb water and change into a gel. Soluble fiber is effective at binding bile acids, which can reduce the negative impact on intestinal function as well as help prevent diarrhea and stomach discomfort. Food that contains soluble fiber, includes apples, blueberries, bananas, nuts, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, plums, and strawberries.

2. Steamed Vegetables

Steamed vegetables are easier to bind bile acid and reduce the amount of bile acids entering the large intestine. This can prevent diarrhea. Patients can steam broccoli, cabbages, carrots, kale, and mustard greens.

3. Soft Food

Within a few days after the surgery, the digestive system has not been recovered yet. Doctors will usually suggest patients to eat soft food. For example, soup, steamed fish, boiled eggs, and steamed chickens. These soft foods will allow the body to focus on the recovery process and adapt to the change in the body.

Those are the foods to avoid and consume after surgical gallbladder removal.