Gastric Sleeve Diet

Gastric sleeve surgery is becoming a common weight loss remedy for some people. The size of the stomach is shrunk for it to accommodate less food. For you to achieve successful results and reduce chances of complications and side effects, you have to strictly follow a gastric sleeve diet before and after the procedure. There are a pre op diet and post op diet, which you should follow strictly for excellent results with minimized complications.

For the surgery to be carried out, you have to be safe and one way to be safe. It is to ensure that your liver does not stand in the way of the surgeon. It has to shrink. The doctor can reach the stomach safely for the surgery. This requires a two week for this diet prior to the procedure  to increase your protein intake, reduce carbohydrate intake and eliminate sugar intake. A typical diet for these two weeks would be protein shake without sugar in the morning, vegetables and lean meat for both lunch and dinner. A low carbohydrate snack accompanied by small salads with vinegar, berries and nuts. For your drinks, you can choose anything that is low in calories and sugar free. You may be required to eliminate any carbonated drinks and caffeine in the last two days towards the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Diet After Surgery

After the surgery, there comes a post op gastric sleeve diet to ensure safer and faster recovery. It includes the following phases clear liquid, full liquid, soft food and regular food diet.

Clear liquid diet comes in the first seven days where your aim should be to consume 64 ounces daily. The approved drinks during this phase include water, ice chips, chicken or beef broth, skim milk, propel, mild green teas, consomme, and flavored water. Carbonated or caffeinated is discouraged as it increases chances of complications.

Full liquid diet follows for the next 14 days, the target should be 60-70 ounces of proteins. Go for supplements which are low in carbohydrates and calories while at the same time providing high quality of protein content. The approved full liquids in this phase include low sugar fruit juices, soy beverages, creamed soups with no chunks, chunky soups thinned out with broth or water, blended fruit smoothies, ice milk, thin egg custard, sugar-free cocoa and whey protein powder (100%).

Soft food diet follows in seven days. The aim is to consume 60-70 ounces of protein while keeping carb content less than 40 grams and fat content less than 30 grams a day. Foods advised in this phase include scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, bananas, yoghurt, mashed fruits, low fat cheese, egg salad and mashed veggies cooked to tenderize.

Solid food diet follows from the 29th day. Choose well balanced and healthy diet in small portions. Go for lean meat, fruits, low fat dairy products and vegetables. Ensure that you take 2 ounces of protein in each meal. Avoid fast foods and items such as paste, nuts, sausages, alcohol in your diet.

You can rest assured that your recovery process will be faster with the above pre op and post op gastric sleeve diet. Just ensure that you follow the diet strictly. Avoid what your surgeon tells. You can stay away from potential complications.

The best one of gastric sleeve diet

Get the proportional body is a dream of common people. They will find many ways to reach their purpose. One of the best ideas for people that can be applied is gastric sleeve diet. This one is called as gastrectomy. It is a Bariatric surgery procedure that introduces the patients to change their life substantially. This way will be the best idea for people. This one will use the liquid diet to lose their weight. People should notice at the liquid diet because it is followed by a transitional soft food diet needed to help the stomach accommodate.

What should people do after they do first gastric sleeve diet

People need to keep their condition during the first postoperative month. The first thing that should be noticed by people is they should have smaller amounts of food at one meal. The gastric sleeve diet will have relation to their stomach. People should keep their food consumption for their stomach. The post operative diet lead to noticeable weight lost. People should keep their healthy lifestyle. Get healthier lifestyle will support the gastrectomy sleeve diet work better. Get the proper exercise will support the diet working better.

The gastric sleeve diet focus on the stomach surgery. People should notice at something after they do this surgery. This one will help people who have morbidly obese to lose their excessive weight. This surgery will use same procedure, including gastric bypass surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, lap band surgery, gastric banding or gastric sleeve. People should avoid to any strenuous activity and wait for four to six weeks to resume their regular exercise program. Those activities have purpose to avoid people from any complication illness in their body.

Eating too quickly and too much after weight loss surgery, especially with gastric sleeve diet can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. People should keep their behavior after doing the gastric banding diet. People should chew their food well to make the food easier to digest. Consume more vitamin and mineral supplements, especially for B-12, calcium citrate, iron, and foliate should be taken on a regular basis. The stomach will not absorb those nutrients well. Avoid taking the tub bath and doing strenuous activity will help people get the comfortable one after they do surgery.

The advantages of doing gastric sleeve diet

Most people have obese, especially in US where adult people there have 40 percent of them getting obese. People will find the gastric sleeve diet insurance. It will get the advantages for people when they have this one. The insurance will covers most medical costs, including doctor’s visits, lab fees, hospital costs and some surgery. The insurance will be helpful. They can do the surgery without any difficulties. People will get other advantages when they choose the gastric banding diet as their choice to diet.

The gastric sleeve diet is performed laparoscopically. They will need less time to spend in hospital. The patients spend in the hospital only for two days in hospital. The recovery time is faster or shorter than other ways. People prefer to do this surgery than other surgery. People who have done this surgery, they will lose approximately 50 to 80 percent of their excess body.

The most important that can be found by people in the gastric sleeve diet is highly beneficial type of weight loss surgery. People can consult with their physician and discuss if they think that this way is the best choice for their diet. Make consultation to the physician will be the best idea for people because they will give people the best advice to do surgery. The result is better.

Idea of gastric sleeve diet will be the best idea for people because this one will give many advantages for people when they do this surgery. Noticing at the precaution post surgery will give the best result for people. It will minimize people to get the unexpected result in their health. You can watch this video below.