gastric sleeve vs lap band

Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band: The Weight Loss Solution

There is lots of variety for the weight loss surgery which are available for modern patients. The surgery is taken with some requirements. It is because diet and exercise can’t be the solution for losing some amount of weight. The surgery is taken and each of those surgeries has the level or invasiveness and comes with different health benefits and surgery cost. Anyone consider gastric bypass surgery should extensively talk and in detail with the GP or qualified consultants before taking the final decisions. You will find several pieces of information of lapband surgery vs gastric sleeve surgery which should help outline differences between gastric sleeve vs lap band as most common surgery for weight loss (You can read other bariatric surgeries here).

Gastric sleeve vs lap band: knowing the differences

The difference between gastric sleeve vs lap band is the degree of the reversibility included. With the gastric type sleeves, the surgery is permanent. This will involve several cuttings and stapling of stomach, which is done one for life. The lap band option can be reversed totally at any time, which perhaps makes it as more deal option for the wider range of people. As with any kind of surgery, the reason behind the surgeries determine the need or otherwise for the reversible procedures.

It is explained that gastric sleeve will work by cutting out the large portion of the stomach, which is leaving behind the sleeve shaped portions of the whole. The technique of gastric sleeve restricts permanently the spaces the people have available for filling with the food. This is designed to induce the feeling of fullness quickly. The lap band sleeves have much same effect. The effect is achieved by placing the band around the stomach that can be removed any time. The stomach is tied off effectively for creating smaller stomach area. The patient will feel fuller quicker, but they have none of the possible post op issues which are associated with stapling and cutting operation to worry about.

There will be lack of possible seepage or post of infections that can be caused by the stapling and cutting operations like gastric band procedure. The lap band sleeves surgery is least invasive of the whole gastric surgeries. The simple laparoscopy is used to place lap band around the stomach. The end results of that is reduced greatly recovery times and significantly smaller amount of the post-operative pain.

Other advantages of lap band surgery is the propensity for the easier further adjustments. The lap band system can be inserted and tightened incrementally as the part of the gradual weight loss program. While gastric band surgeries cut the stomach down to the predetermined size and keep it as the ways forever, the lap band sleeves can be used to restrict first slightly the appetite of person and train gradually the appetite down to the normal through the incremental tightening of the band.

Gastric sleeve vs lapband surgery

Both lap band vs gastric sleeve form indeed can carry the particular risks. There are associated with the introduction of the foreign body to internal anatomy. With any type of surgical procedures, both of those should only be carried where the genuine needs are present. Once you know the differences on gastric sleeve vs lap band, but you still need to talk the consultant or doctor for greater details before taking decision to undergo either.

There are numerous different types of the weight loss surgeries which are developed for helping people to lose weight and live longer. As deciding which surgery for weight loss is best, this is important to compare some options firstly. As the common weight loss surgeries, it will help you to know the pros and cons for each type. If you haven’t known anything about gastric sleeve vs lap band, don’t take the under the knife procedures for both of those have any kind of risks.

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding or lap band will involve inserting the access port under the skins. Those with access ports are attached to the gastric band which has the inflatable gastric balloon. The lap bands are attached around under parts of the stomach that forms the small gastric pouch. The balloons are filled with the saline solution. By using access ports, the surgeons will fill balloon with the saline solutions. The filled balloons will reduce the size of the stomach.

The saline is filled or withdrawn for modifying the food intake. The patients will feel full with the smaller amounts of the food. The lap band operation is only reversible weight loss surgeries. The whole procedures will take about an hour. This is performed as the outpatient procedures. There is little scarring on this surgery. The lap band is an invasive weight loss options procedure.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

For gastric sleeve surgery or namely as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, it is a kind of procedure which is performed normally on the patients who are too obese for having the other type of the weight loss method or who do not meet criteria for having the lap band surgeries. The gastric sleeve surgeries are performed on people. That can make them reach the safe weight for having more invasive surgeries. The surgeons will make the small incision and insert the viewing tube which is equipped with the laparoscope or small camera for seeing inside the incision for removing the part of the stomach. The remaining tube shaped stomachs are closed with the staples. This is followed by the gastric bypass after patients have lost the considerable amount of the weight.

The second surgeries will take place within 12 up to 18 months after gastric sleeve surgeries. The gastric sleeves decrease size of stomach by removing 60 up to 80% of the stomach of gastric sleeve patients. After the removal, there are just the thin tubes which are remaining. The portions of the stomach along greater curvatures are parts which are removed and contain the portions. It produces shoreline that is hormone which stimulates hungers. During the term of gastric sleeve vs lap band, the results of gastric sleeve surgery are reducing hunger and limit the amount of the food which can be eaten. By performing the gastric sleeve surgery, there will be few food intolerances and low risk of the malnutrition.