liposuction procedure

All about Liposuction Procedure

People will grow older. They will have some deposits of fat in some areas in their body. Those fat deposits make them look fat and bulky. Liposuction procedure becomes a helpful solution to remove the fat deposit from people’s body. Diet or sport may not be too helpful as a fact has been stated. Some fat cells will not shrink for the heredity factor. Lipoplasty procedure has been much recommended recently. The most important thing is that this procedure only removes fat. The cellulite cannot be removed through this procedure.

What is Liposuction Procedure?

A liposuction procedure is a surgery procedure to remove fat from the human body. Fat in these areas can be removed through Liposculpture suctionlikes hips and buttocks, thighs, upper arms, abdomen and waist, inner knee, back, cheeks, chin and neck, chest area, calves and ankles, and back. It is very common to perform Lipo procedure with other procedures of plastic surgery such as breast reduction, tummy tuck, or face lift. This procedure is used to treat some certain medical conditions such as male breast abnormal enlargement (pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia), benign fatty tumors (lipomas), the armpit area excessive sweating (auxiliary hyperhidrosis), and lipodystrophy (fat metabolism problem).

History of Liposuction Procedure

A liposuction procedure is established in the late of the 1960s. European surgeons use the primitive curettage techniques which result in significant bleeding and morbidity. The world notes that there are two gynecologists from Italy as the inventors of modern lipoplasty procedure. They are Giorgio and Arpad Fischer. They create the method of blunt tunneling in 1974. During 1982, a French surgeon named Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz presents his first liposuction presentation. The Illouz Method is famous as it has some features include the suction-assisted lipolysis technique.

The history of liposuction procedure notes the other French surgeon. It is Pierre Fournier, a French surgeon. He uses some improvisation such as lidocaine local anesthetic, the modified incision technique and compression after the surgery procedure. And by the late of 1990s, the first liquefying fat with ultrasonic energy is presented.

Qualities for Liposuction Procedure Candidate

There are some qualities that should be accomplished by the liposuction procedure candidate. The result will be as realistic as the expectation. A good candidates for Liposculpture suction should be in a good health. Their skin should be firm and elastic. Their weight should be average or slightly above the average weight. They are with concentrated fat pockets which do not respond diet very well. It can be a good candidate too. Those with cellulite or poor skin quality are not recommended for Lipo procedure as they are not good candidates. Skin irregularities may be developed due to over or under correction of localized fat deposits. Even though age is not included as the big consideration, but the older patients with less elastic skin may not achieve the liposuction benefit than the younger ones.

Before Liposuction Procedure

Have a consultation with the surgeon before liposuction procedure is a good choice. Some matters can be discussed with the surgeon such as the best option, skin type, the procedure safety and effectiveness, the expectation and the potential financial cost. Everything can be asked during this consultation session. The surgeon will give some instruction to the patients who will undergo the lipoplasty procedure. These instructions are very essential as the preparation for this cosmetic surgery. The instructions may include the guideline restriction of alcohol, diet and vitamins too. Make sure that the surgeon has understood the allergies that the patients have or the medication the patients is taking. The surgeon can arrange the best step for the patients.

During Liposuction Procedure

The thin, small and blunt-tipped tubes will be inserted in the skin through some tiny cuts. Through these tubes, the fat is suctioned out. The tubes will be moved to the specific fat deposits. It seems pretty scary. The techniques have been improved. There are some types of the procedure. These types are established and improved, so the procedures will be much easier, less painful and safer.

Types of Liposuction Procedure

The first type of liposuction procedures is tumescent liposuction. The area where the tubes will be inserted will be numbed with a local anesthetic. The other anesthetic solution which contains epinephrine and lidocaine. It will be injected before the traditional lipoplasty procedure. The target is the fatty tissue. The patient may not sleep as the general anesthesia is not required.

The next procedure type is Ultrasound assisted liposuction. Ultrasound takes an important role in this procedure. It is used to make the fat liquefied. It is going to be easier to remove the fat. This technique is helpful to remove the fat from the sides, back, and the upper abdomen. The last technique of Liposculpture procedure is laser assisted liposuction. The lower energy waves will be used to make the fat liquefied. The fat is removed through a small cannula. The patients do not need to stay in the hospital unless the fault is in a large volume. This procedure uses a local anesthesia. A sedative may be given to keep the patient relax.

Each type of the procedure has a different treatment. The first thing before performing this cosmetic procedure will be given anesthesia for the patient. The type and amount of anesthesia depend on the fat degree and the liposuction type. After the anesthesia is given, a suction device will be attached into a cannula. It is a small instrument made from stainless steel before inserting cannula into the fatty areas between muscle and skin through small incisions. The excess fat will be removed with either a large syringe or a suction pump. An improved body contour which is smoother will be the result of this Lipo procedure.

Risks and Side Effects of Liposuction Procedure

The newest and recent liposuction procedure is easier, safer, and less painful. But the risks are still available. The patients of this procedure may get temporary bruising, numbness, swelling and soreness around the treated areas. They may get minor scarring or irritation around the areas where the cannula is inserted. Their skin may become rippled or baggy. After a few months, it is very common that the skin will retract and tighten.

The patients may get less common side effects such as uneven skin surface and permanent skin color changes. The patients’ skin and nerves may be damaged because of the generated heat during the ultrasound assisted liposuction. The skin may be burnt as the tissue under the skin will be damaged. The patients may get the new fat deposit in the different place. The weight may be gained too. So, it is important for the patient to be careful that they will not gain the extra weight after lipoplasty procedure.