how to lose weight with hypothyroidism

How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism

When losing weight, people will find a challenge that can be daunting for them. For you who is suffering hypothyroidism, it can be more daunting because they must work harder to maintain their weight. This condition influence about 1% of all people living in this world. Although it generally attacks elderly women, men can be diagnosed to suffer it at all ages as well as women. No wonder, how to lose weight with hypothyroidism is very valuable against the health problem.

There are many efforts to discover how to lose weight with hypothyroidism since no one wants to have weight gain. It includes testing hypothyroidism through a blood test. It can include a therapy treatment course, depending on the condition severity. After taking the test, there may be a therapy treatment course for replacement that your doctor will tell you about how to lose weight medically with hypothyroidism.

The Symptoms of Weight with Hypothyroidism

The first symptom is a condition of reduced metabolism, with weight gains in 5-10 pounds. It seems contradictive with what people speaking that more weight gain, the more serious the case. There some other symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as flaky skin, loss or weakness, hands and feet feeling cold, general lethargy and tiredness and hear rate reduction due to the thyroid gland, which is not producing enough hormone providing energy.

There are many symptoms to know involved in hypothyroidism. Some of them are fatigue, weakness, depression, hair loss, muscle cramps, dry skin, abnormal cycles of menstruation, irritability, constipation, difficulty in losing weight and weigh gain. Several patients with hypothyroidism will meet the symptoms while some others will only meet a few and even none. This symptom severity will vary with each patient. All of the symptoms are annoying, but there is a symptom, which is frequently most disheartening. It is called weight gain in which it is impossible to lose it with hypothyroidism.

The Treatments

After knowing the symptoms, lose weight with hypothyroidism becomes very vital in your life. There are some treatments to lose weight with hypothyroidism. You can apply it in your daily life. To solve your weight with hypothyroidism, apply healthy diet. It is very common for people wanting to lose their weight by diet and you can do so.

1. Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food becomes a great component in losing your weight like keeping your weight off. A lot of people who don’t completely understand about what a healthy diet include because different sources suggest different diets. For example, some of the experts will ask you to lay off many carbohydrates completely and you must eat various protein sources that you want. Some others may tell you about “calorie game” so by restricting your consumption to eat calories in each day, it will be the way to lose your weight. For you who want to know how to lose weight with hypothyroidism, have to pay attention to these matters.

2. Exercising

All of us know how important exercising is. As the solution how to lose weight with hypothyroidism, we will not talk to detail here. We realize that a lot of people with hypothyroidism show that they have low levels of energy, making it hard to begin doing a regular program of exercise. If you have such conditions, you need to consult with your endocrinologist or practitioner. Most of them will give you thyroid hormone that can help you solve hypothyroid symptoms. It will lead you not do anything due to the actual disorder cause. This will obstruct how to lose weight with hypothyroidism doing exercise.

For those having energy to do exercise regularly, how to lose weight with hypothyroidism is by exercising 3-5 days per week. Each exercise consists of cardiovascular exercise which is performed in 30 minutes or more. It is just simply because you just need to walk in 30 minutes. Some people may not have the ability to begin in 30 minutes, but they can only start in 5 minutes. The main goal is to get a sweat and 30 minutes is the usual time to spend for that.