mini gastric bypass surgery pros and cons

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Pros and Cons – Things to Consider

People use diet or workout to lose weight. However, there is another method for helping you lose weight. You can use mini gastric bypass surgery. This surgery will reduce the size of your gastric area, so you can easily suppress your appetite. It is the safer version of gastric bypass surgery. However, you should understand the mini gastric bypass surgery pros and cons before you decide to use it to lose weight.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Pros and Cons

1. Pros

  • Compared to the real gastric bypass surgery that is also used for losing weight, the mini version has a faster recovery speed. The surgery only takes an hour.
  • After 24 hours of recovering in the hospital, you can leave and continue the recovery process at your home. You can return to your normal activity after a week.
  • It only modifies the small section of your stomach. Therefore, the rerouting process is not long, which will give you the maximum benefits. Plus, the surgeon also can do that much easier. It means the success rate for this surgery is much higher than the standard gastric bypass surgery.
  • The mini bypass also prevents the risk of comorbidity on gastric surgery.
  • This surgery does work to deal with morbid obesity. It solves the sleep apnea problem, heals edema and arthritis. More importantly, it also helps treat diabetes.
  • It is safer because it does not change your body too much with its less-invasive surgery process.
  • Because it is only mini surgery, the price is also much lower. You can save more money with it.

2. Cons

Even though there are many good things you can get from mini gastric bypass surgery, there is also some risk that you should know.

  • It could work less effective than the standard gastric bypass surgery. Mostly, it is because the mini gastric bypass only changes the small part of your stomach. Therefore, compared to the standard type, the effect could be weaker.
  • There is also the risk of lack of nutrient and mineral deficiency because your digestive system loses most of its absorption ability.
  • There is a risk of bile reflux gastric because the surgery limits your stomach to divert the bile and other enzymes from your digestive system. Once it happens, it could become another health problem that is difficult to treat.
  • Like other surgery, mini gastric bypass also has a risk of infection. It happens when you have been treated by a less skilled surgeon. So, we recommend you choose the best surgeon if you plan to take this surgery to lose weight.
  • You may get dumping syndrome. It happens because the food is bypassed and goes directly to your digestive system.

At this point, we believe you already understand what you will get and the risk you will face from mini gastric bypass surgery. That’s all that you need to know about mini gastric bypass surgery pros and cons. Now, think carefully before you decide to have this surgery.