lap band diet

The Common Phases of the Lap Band Diet

Obesity becomes something hard to be faced today. That relates into the common assumption that the obesity is not an ideal appearance of people. From the side of medical view, the obesity condition is not something good. People who have the obesity condition are suggested to solve the problem immediately. One suggestion common proposed is taking a surgery. People propose the surgery for curing the obesity condition. They must know about some other things and that includes the knowledge about the lap band diet.

The lap band diet is the inevitable phase of the surgery. It is something that cannot be separated from the process. When people have completed the process of surgery, they must continue in the process of diet. The diet itself is not a common diet. The main purpose is offering the adaptation of the stomach into a new condition after the surgery. People must be careful when they take the diet process. The wrong way can bring into the worse condition of the stomach.

The Phase of the Lap Band Diet

There are three phased must be faced by people when they practice the lap band diet. The phase includes the liquid diet stage, the puree diet stage, and the regular diet stage. All of them must be practiced continuously for making sure that the diet can reach its purpose from the beginning. It becomes something important for you. Each lap band diet stage has its own details that are different between one and another.

The Liquid Diet Stage

The liquid diet stage is the first phase must be practiced. It is simple to be understood. People only legalized to eat only clear liquid during this phase. Some foods can be tried includes the juice, milk, and soup. The liquid diet stage time is practiced in the beginning two weeks. This one can be hard for people who do not like the clear liquid. Some people assume that the phase of the diet like this one do not give them the sense of eating since they just like drinking.

There are some kinds of liquids that re forbidden to be consumed too. This phase is proposed for giving the new stomach size to adapt to the new kind of foods so the kind of alcoholic drink is forbidden. That can bring into the worse condition of the stomach when it is consumed. The similar act must be directed into the carbonated liquid. That kind of drink can give the pain for a new sensitive stomach. The first two weeks of the lap band diet are called at the beginning by people who attended the surgery.

The Pureed Diet Stage

After consuming only the liquid foods in the earlier stage, people can increase the form of the food in the next phase. The phase is simple to be practiced in the form of eating the small pieces of the foods. As the second phase of the diet, this phase is practiced easier by people. They have adapted the common rule of the diet in the earlier stage. The phase is done for two weeks after the earlier phase done. The kind of the foods suggested to be consumed during the phase is the foods that contain higher protein.

The phase is often compared into the moment of the baby. It means that people are allowed to consume some variety of foods, but in the softest forms. During the phase, you are allowed to consume the skinned chicken or the skinned fish. Consume the yoghurt during the phase is allowed. This stage is not becoming a problem. It is different from the position of the earlier stage in people’s view. It is not too hard to be practiced completely.

The Regular Diet Stage

The last phase proposed when you attend the lap band diet is the phase of the regular diet. It can be the easiest phase among these three stages. When you enter this phase, you can consume not only the liquid and the small piece of foods but also the common foods. The food must be the soft ones. Your stomach does not adapt to the new size completely. You must be careful in separating between the foods may be eaten and the foods that must be avoided. That is the main rule of this step.

The variation can be eaten is the foods contain the low calories. The vegetables and the fruits are located in the first lists. The foods that contain the protein in lower level must be included. Some of the different foods to be eaten during the phase include the meats and the fiber foods. The same case happens to the bread. The phase is done during two weeks after the earlier phase. It covers the complete process of the diet before the normal condition.

The Note of Lap Band Diet

One aspect that can make the confused feeling from the lap band diet is no rigid or tight formula proposed about the foods allowed or forbidden. The rules proposed before about the kinds of foods are only in general. You must know the content of the foods. The rules only mention it instead of the forms. Such kinds of junk foods are the forbidden one. It’s even better to be avoided during the normal condition.

One thing must be understood too is this diet has the benefit and some lack of values. It becomes important for you to understand about that before surgery. So, at the time of practicing the lap band diet, you can start it with the high strong feeling and desire.