weight gain after gallbladder removal

Controlling Weight Gain After Gallbladder Removal

Some people believe that weight gain is inevitable if they got their gallbladder removed. Although, there is no scientific proof for that. But yes, some people experience weight gain after gallbladder removal.

Gallbladder removal surgery or cholecystectomy is not uncommon. This procedure is often performed whenever the gallbladder is severely inflamed or gallstones blockage is happening. Even though the gallbladder is not an important organ, it bears some tasks. If your gallbladder is compromised, you might have a problem digesting certain food, like fatty food.

How does the gallbladder work?

The gallbladder is a pocket. This pocket functions as a reservoir for the bile produced by the liver. When needed, the valve regulating the bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine will open and allow the bile to travel to the small intestine. The bile helps to break down fat and help the absorption of vitamins and fats.

The liver, however, will always produce bile even if the gallbladder is taken out of the body. But there is no more storage. So, instead of being stored and used when necessary, the bile is continuously dripping directly to the small intestine. Therefore, you are still able to digest fatty foods.

The reason for weight gain after the gallbladder surgery

There is no direct scientific proof that validates weight gain after gallbladder removal. But there are some possible explanations made by experts.

Postoperative gluttony

People who suffer from gallstones, associated nausea, and other debilitating symptoms, have been prescribed to consume less fat before their surgery. Due to this, when the risk of gallstones is finally gone with the gallbladder, they release the inhibited desire to eat fatty food. Therefore, there is no more reason to restrain any high-fat contain food intake. So, they start eating fat again. Hence it leads to weight gain.


There is a weight control hormone called leptin. The efficiency of leptin can be affected by inflammation which then causes increased appetites and slowing metabolism.

Insulin resistance

Gallstones can be caused by insulin resistance.

Weight gain after removal of gallbladder

How to control weight? Even though you feel safe eating fatty food now that you feel better, please be mindful of what you are eating. Keep eating a high-fiber diet like a few days after your surgery. As mentioned before, weight gain after gallbladder removal is instigated by a poor diet. It is not because of the gallbladder removal, not directly. Maintain your low-fat diet to prevent weight gain. Aside from controlling your weight, it also keeps you healthy.

Even though you are watching your diet now, you still have to make sure you measure your portion. Eat as much as your body needs, not as much as you want just because you can.

Take extra vitamins and minerals supplement too. Lack of those supplementary substances could cause weight gain since some vitamins and minerals are needed to support metabolism. Move your body by doing some exercise to keep your weight under control. Exercising helps increase metabolism, which relates closely to calories burning and energy production.