how much weight can you lose in 3 months

How Much Weight Can You Lose in 3 Months?

There are many people who want to lose their weight. In fact, losing weight is very important to make the body more ideal. With more ideal body, you will be healthier and even more confident. So, if you are too fat, you have to burn fat and lose weight. However, you have to lose weight rightly with the right calculation. You cannot burn fat and lose weight too much and too fast because it can danger your health. It will be a good idea to plan a diet for 3 months. So, how much weight can you lose in 3 months? You can consider my experience below.

Why Should You Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, you have to find the right reasons. It can motivate you to reach your goal. In this case, I want to lose weight because I feel unconfident to be too fat. Besides that, being too fat also makes me easy to feel tired. Then, I also want to lose weight to keep healthy and prevent various diseases. That is why I have a diet plan for weight loss. How much weight can I lose in 3 months? Let’s see the discussion below.

How Much Weight Did You Lose?

In this article, I will give an example from my own experience. So, you can make your own target depending on your own weight. In 3 months, I could lose weight 9.2 kilograms. Firstly, I had 80.5 kilograms with Body Mass Index (BMI) was almost 30. After 3 months, my weight became 71.3 kilograms and my BMI dropped became 25.6. It is close to the healthy weight range. With this weight, I feel ideal and comfortable. So, how much weight should you lose in 3 months can depend on your own ideal healthy weight range.

What Kind of Exercises Did You Do?

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by doing exercises. In this case, I went to a gym 3 times a week. Each session can be about a half hour up to 45 minutes. Mostly, I focused on cardio exercises, such as treadmills. However, I also combined with strength exercises, such as lifting weights. Other additional exercises I did are such as walking, jogging, and sit-ups. I do these exercises regularly in 3 months. How much weight can you lose in 3 months? If you follow my tips, you can lose weight similar to what I got.

How Did You Eat Meals?

Besides doing exercises, you should also plan your meals. It functions to support your weight loss diet. That is why how much weight you can lose in 12 weeks is also affected by the meals you plan. In this case, I prioritized fruits and vegetables for daily meals. In fact, fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that our boy needs. I also reduce my portion.

Do You Still Need to Reduce Weight?

After you feel comfortable and confident with your recent body weight, you have to calculate whether you have reached your ideal body or not. Even though you lost weight much, sometimes you still need to lose weight to get the ideal body. However, at least you have to keep it. It means you cannot leave your daily lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods with the right portion and doing exercises. So, your weight loss diet will not be useless and you can keep healthy.

What Are the Keys?

Losing weight is not as easy as you imagine. Firstly, you have to motivate yourself. Besides that, you should also plan it properly so that your target is clear and realistic. So, you can reach it. Then, you have also to be consistent. For example, if you plan weight loss diet in 3 months, you should keep it until 3 months. You should also support your exercises with the food plan. Lastly, you cannot stop living with a healthy lifestyle after diet.

That is all what you have to know about weight loss diet plan. You can plan your own weight loss diet. How much weight can you lose in 3 months? You can adjust it to your own target. Hopefully this will be a useful reference and can inspire you to get an ideal weight.