not losing weight after gastric sleeve

What to Do If You’re Not Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve?

Not losing weight after gastric sleeve is common for several patients. This is a result of the misplaced weight-loss surgery expectations and a poor understanding of how this surgery works. Before the patients have the surgery, they need to follow several requirements. The surgeons will carefully let the patients be informed with a consultation. They discuss the amount of weight loss the patients achieve before the surgery and the amount of weight loss after the surgery.

If the result of weight loss is disappointing, patients need to see their nutritionist or their Bariatric surgeons whether they follow the requirements or the post-surgery instructions or not. There are also several factors why you don’t succeed after having gastric sleeve surgery.

Why am I Not Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

1. Eat too many snacks

After the surgery, you will eat only soft food for several days. And after that, you need to train yourself to eat solid food. This can be difficult for some patients eat solid food protein like chickens. To overcome the problem, some choose to have slider foods like ice cream, potatoes, yogurts, cream or tomato soups, and so on. Yet, this food is lacking substance and balance that make you want to eat more. Choose food with low carbs, instead choose the one that is rich in fats and proteins to make you full longer.

2. Not Drink Water

Another reason why you don’t lose weight after gastric bypass surgery is that you don’t drink enough water. This lets your body dehydrate so that you can’t urge yourself to the full capacity, and flush the toxins in the body. It’s important to drink at least 64 ounces per day to prevent dehydration.

Avoid having sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks, like soda, juice, milk, mixers, or sweet tea. Those drinks are full calories and sugars, and it doesn’t provide you with the energy and nutrients you need to recover from surgeries. Besides, sweets will make you crave more calories.

3. Chew Your Food

Once you get the surgery, you will be asked to eat more liquid food, and then followed by solid food in the following months, or after you’re ready. Eating solid food gives a challenge because the problem is when patients chew their food badly. It results in trouble to break down the food in the digestion. Thus, it is important to get your food chewed properly. Some may choose to swallow their food in big chunks. The digestive system will be hard to break it down and hard to absorb the nutrients. It leads to you’re not losing weight after gastric sleeve.

4. Processed Food

After you do the gastric sleeve surgery, avoid consuming processed food. Yes, you can find it everywhere, even in Bariatric protein bars, shakes, or other products that are labeled as healthy. To help you choose the right intake, you can have a good journal to see what kind of food you consume during the post-surgery procedures. If you don’t lose weight and find yourself eat processed food, then cut them out, and choose a more natural food.

Not Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you find difficulties and not losing weight after gastric sleeve, see your nutritionist and ask them what to do.