least invasive weight loss surgery

What is the Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery to Conduct?

The least invasive weight loss surgery, what is that? Weight loss surgery is known also as gastric or Bariatric surgery. It refers to special medical treatment for patients with obesity. The obesity level to get the treatment must be high by remembering that this procedure is quite risky. Therefore, it is not recommended to undergo this surgery procedure only for aesthetic purposes only. In general, weight loss surgery is divided into 4 types. Which is the least invasive among them? Here is the explanation.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a type of weight loss surgery that is recommended for them with acute obesity. The main reason is that the result is more durable as well as it can lose weight for many pounds. This surgery type is applied to patients who cannot control and stop eating sweet foods. The procedure is by combining the upper part of the gastric and the small intestines. This way, the foods are no longer passing through the gastric so that the calorie to absorb is smaller also. Although the procedure is effective, it is considered highly invasive with a relatively big risk.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is probably the most popular Bariatric surgery type. In this procedure, the gastric is cut off up to 85%. Because some parts of the gastric are removed, the patient tends to feel full faster after the procedure. Sure, it is because the foods directly enter the intestines. So, is it considered the least invasive? Compared to the gastric bypass, it is indeed less invasive. However, there are also some risks that may be experienced. Moreover, the patient may find it very difficult to consume foods and water after the surgery.

Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass is actually the smaller and milder version of the gastric bypass. If in the gastric bypass, it requires 2 joints, there is only a joint in the mini gastric bypass. This procedure is also said to be less invasive than the other two procedures mentioned above. Patients who undergo this procedure commonly have better conditions than those who must pass through gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Talking about the least invasive weight loss surgery, this procedure is probably the best answer. Adjustable Gastric Banding is a procedure to install a band to bind the gastric area. With this method, the patient can determine how many portions to consume. It is said to be the least invasive method because the process tends to be easier. Besides, the risks are also lower compared with other procedures mentioned above.

Whether it is invasive or not, the most important things are checking the condition and following the doctor’s recommendations. In fact, all of the procedures mentioned above have their own risks to be aware of. Therefore, it is important also to know that not all people can undergo this surgery. Particularly if your overweight conditions can still be solved with other treatments like diet, regular exercise, and others, the doctor must suggest you do that first.