What Should My BMI Be

Many people pay great attention to their body weight because they want to maintain not only their health but also their beauty. Some people can be so obsessed with their body weight after all. Nevertheless, health is not only about body weight. They need to pay attention to their BMI. This index will give them the number based on their weight and height. It can be considered more accurate for determining health status. What should my bmi be? This might be a question that people have in their minds.


The very first BMI classification can tell people that they are underweight. They are considered underweight when their BMI is below 18.5. It is not good to be too thin for sure because some health complications can arise due to this condition. They cannot have low levels of body fat for too long. It is necessary to put on some more weight to get the body mass index at the normal level. It is better to consult with the dietician or doctor to get advice and insight from the professionals about their conditions.


What should my bmi be? The healthy level of BMI for adults must fall between 18.5 and 22.5. It means that by considering the body height, people have healthy body weight. This range is considered normal. If they are able to maintain their BMI at the normal range, they do not have to worry that they will develop various health complications because the risk of this condition is much lower compared to people with other body mass index levels.


People will be considered overweight when their BMI falls between 23 and 24.9. In this circumstance, their body fats level is higher than the ideal level considering their body height. It is recommended for them to lose some of their weight if they want to improve their health. Of course, they should not be careless or too obsessed with losing weight until they talk to the dietician or doctor. The advice from the professionals will help them to understand their health condition better so they will not take the unnecessary steps to lose too much weight.


The last BMI classification is heavily overweight. People can be considered heavily overweight or obese when their BMI level is more than 25. This condition is far from a normal or healthy BMI level. It means that the body fat is too much considering their body height. This condition can expose them to various kinds of health risks that can be considered serious. They have to make losing weight as their priority for their health. In this kind of situation, they must meet the doctor or dietician to get professional help to lose weight healthily.

When people are asking about what should my bmi be, those are the answers for the adults either for men or women. If they want to keep their body healthy, they need to keep their BMI at a healthy range. There will be a slightly different calculation for children’s or teenagers’ BMI range.