mini gastric bypass surgery

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini gastric bypass surgery is a popular option taken by people with obesity to lose weight fast. Being introduced to the public 40 years ago, this procedure offers a permanent solution for those with excess body fats. The result is almost immediate and it is safe. However, despite the benefits, some disadvantages are also known to come with this operation. Here are mini gastric bypass surgery pros and cons that you should put into consideration before doing it.

A Quick Look

Gastric bypass surgery is initially known as Roux-en Y surgery (RNY). Before becoming popular, this procedure has had a long road to be accepted by the medical world. This is because the gastric bypass operation needed to contend with another surgery that has already been established and popular. Today, the procedure is widely accepted as one of the best standard RNY surgeries conducted in the medical world.

The Advantages of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Many reasons contribute to boosting the popularity of mini gastric bypass operations. Take a look at the following mini gastric bypass surgery pros to convince you more.

1. Reduce Appetite

One of the reasons why the surgery is dubbed to offer a permanent weight loss solution is that it works to reduce your appetite. The procedure will help you to limit the amount of food that can be held by your stomach. It allows the stomach and small intestines to change the way to absorb nutrients and calories consumed. Studies even reveal that the mini gastric bypass surgery affects levels of a hormone that is responsible to manage the feelings of fullness and hunger. Not only that, but the operation also changes the way patients’ brains respond to eating.

2. Less Invasive

Compare to other weight-loss surgeries out there, the mini-gastric bypass procedure is also less invasive. This is because there are only fewer incisions involved in this operation. In this way, the procedure also involves less internal manipulation during the process. You need to know that fewer incisions involved, the less infection resulted.

3. Faster

Other pros of mini gastric bypass operation are that it is faster than most RNY procedures. The process itself usually takes an hour. Just compare to other RNY procedures that take at least 2 hours to complete. So, it is more convenient for most patients.

4. Less Rerouting of Small Intestines

During the surgery, the new pouch will be joined to the intestine’s side. It is different from other RNY surgeries where the small intestine is severed completely before being joined to the new pouch of the stomach. In this way, there is a less rerouting of the small intestine in this procedure.

The Disadvantages of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Aside from the pros, you also need to know about the mini gastric bypass surgery cons.

1. Dumping Syndrome

Having a mini gastric bypass operation will increase your chance to suffer from dumping syndrome. This is a condition when the foods you consume move too fast to the intestines from the stomach.

2. Reflux Gastritis

This surgery can also cause reflux gastritis. It usually happens when bile backs up into the esophagus and stomach.