average cost of tummy tuck

How Much Is the Average Cost of Tummy Tuck?

Today, the case of overweight and obese is increasing more and more. There are many people who are overweight and obese feel frustrated because they often fail in the diet. Therefore, they want the instant way. One of the best ways is tummy tuck. It is a weight loss surgery where it cuts your excess fat. The result is amazing and it belongs to long term diet. However, the costs are expensive, so that before you take this surgery, you need to know about the average cost of tummy tuck.

The Benefits of Tummy Tuck

Before we talk more about the average price of tummy tuck, it will be better to know the benefits of this weight loss surgery. Tummy tuck can also be called as abdominoplasty. It is also well known as cosmetic surgery where the purpose is to remove fat so that you will be slimmer. The first benefit is to reduce Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI. It commonly happens to women who have given a vaginal birth. It relates to uncontrollable leakage. This weight loss surgery can reduce the risk of SUI.

Besides that, it can also improve abdominal tone. Usually, after multiple pregnancies or extreme diet, stomach muscles become distended. In this case, exercise and diet cannot help you. So, tummy tuck can be the solution. Even though the average cost of tummy tuck is still high, the benefits will be worth it. Then, it can also help you to get the better posture. With this weight loss surgery, you will stay away from various kinds of back pain. So, you will always be fit every day.

Who Are Allowed to Take Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Not all people are allowed to take tummy tuck. So, it is important to discuss about the candidacy of this weight loss surgery before talking about the average cost of tummy tuck. People who can be the candidate for tummy tuck should be in good health generally. Besides that, they should also be overweight or obese. Then, they should also have droopy or loose skin around the abdomen. In addition, they also must have good expectation of the weight loss surgery. Lastly, they should also have committed to maintain the result after the surgery.

The candidates of tummy tuck should also not be smokers. At least they have stopped smoking for a long time. They should also not have serious diseases that will be compromised by the surgical procedure. Then, women who plan to be pregnant are also not allowed to take this surgery. If you plan to reduce too much weight, tummy tuck is not the best choice, too. Lastly, it is also not allowed for those who are pressured into the procedures by other people. After knowing the candidacy, now it is time to know about tummy tuck average cost.

The Factors That Affects Tummy Tuck Cost

Talking about average cost of tummy tuck should know the various factors that can affect the cost. In fact, the cost of tummy tuck depends on different considerations. One of the considerations is the particular needs of the patient. It may relate to the condition and weight of the patient. Besides that, you need to know that tummy tuck is done with different procedures. So, it also affects the cost that you need to spend. Then, the cost can also be affected by the surgeons themselves. Usually, experienced and professional surgeons require you to pay more expensively.

Different hospitals may apply different technologies and surgical techniques. The more advanced options you choose, the higher the cost will be. The next factor that may affect the average cost of tummy tuck is the location where the tummy tuck surgery takes place. Different countries may have different average of cost. Lastly, it also depends on the anesthesia, you choose. For your information, the surgeon will infuse anesthesia during the surgery so that the surgery can run well.

The Estimated Costs of Tummy Tuck Surgery

As we know, tummy tucks belongs to individualized treatment. As it has been mentioned before, the cost can be affected by different factors above. So, the cost may be different from one case to another. However, the range cost of tummy tuck will be from about $ 3,000 up to $ 12,000. So, you have to prepare that much money if you have a plan to take this weight loss surgery.

That cost is only the range of cost for the tummy tuck surgery. However, you need to know that sometimes there will be additional cost after the surgery. The additional cost may include the drugs that you have to take after the surgery and in home treatment. Anyway, the average cost of tummy tuck above can be the guide or measurement how much we need to spend money for this weight loss surgery.