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Busting the Fat with High Tech Laser Liposuction

Everyone always wants to have a proportional body. They will do many things to get what they want like diet, exercise, and even surgery. Surgery is one of the fast and easy ways to get a proportional body. The kind of surgery that is chosen by many people to get a proportional body and bust the fat is laser liposuction. It is one of busting fat methods using heat that comes from different wavelengths in a fiber optic laser. There is no surgery without pain. This method gives some effects for the patients. With the high technology to reduce fat, this surgery becomes the most popular one.

How Does Laser liposuction Work in Burning the Fat?

Laser liposuction is a procedure in plastic surgery that removes the excess fat in the body. The suction and the remaining fat will be absorbed back into the body. There are two procedures for this surgery, and the main technique is the first technique that contains three steps. The first step of laser liposuction procedures is removing the fat beneath the deep skin. It removes some tissues of the skin. Some people feel trauma with this step because it makes some bruising to their skins.

The next step is to remove the fat on superficial layers of the skin. Heating the cells on the skin and stimulate it to producing more collagen. It is the main purpose of this laser liposuction procedure. It will improve the quality of the skin so that it will be ready for the next procedure. The last step is removing the oils and fragments of cells within the skin. The final removal is reducing the fat of skin contour.

The second procedure is only a repetition of the first procedure. It is only repeating the two steps of the first procedure. Rather than removing fats, this step makes the fat reabsorb into the body in the lymphatic systems. The remaining fat will be transferred to the thin parts of the body like necks, cheeks, or another part wanted by the patients.

Does It Only Give Benefits? What about the Risks of Doing Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction for removing excess fat in the body is kind of the best ways to get the proportional body. It gives some benefits because of the less invasive this method had. It minimizes the pain, scar and bruise, and minimizing the skin damage. Then, it is no longer used traditional procedures. It produces more collagen and it makes the skin becomes tighter. It only gives a little incision to the skin so that the recovery will not take a long time. The patients may need only one or two days to get a full recovery. This surgery will cause some problems and risks too for the patients as the long term effect.

Laser liposuction risks are the most important things to consider before choosing to do a surgery to burn the fat from the body. Unlike doing exercise, doing a surgery is an instant way to get a good body without much fat. The risks are more dangerous and harmful than its benefit. Some people have been experiencing the risks because doing laser liposuction. At least there are eight risks after doing this surgery. The risks are experiencing either directly or for long term period. The direct effect is like skin burns, skin loss, and bleeding. The using of light from the laser makes the skin burns, but it might not happen by doing the right technique.

Skin loss is one of the risks of this surgery. Laser liposuction needs right technique to avoid such unwanted risks. Another risk is bleeding that happened to someone who is doing a surgery. Like skin bleeding, infection is one of common risk when someone doing a surgery. Because the fiber laser is placed under the skin during the surgery, all the utilizes should be sterile to avoid infection. The infection happened to someone because of the lack of antibiotic whether in it’s utilized or the surgery room. The use of anesthetic can cause a harmful risk. If it is used in a high dose, it can cause a death to the patient.

The other risks of laser liposuction are contour deformities and loose skin. Some liposuction patients have been experiencing this risk because of the use of laser is too close to the skin. It is because of the fat removal is irregular. It causes a contour deformity. According to some patience who is experienced in this surgery, the main disadvantage of this surgery is loose skin. The skin looks loose because of the fat losing. If the use of laser is too high and the patients have less elasticity of their skin, it may cause loss of the skin after surgery. Rumors said that the new procedure of this surgery does not cause skin loose, but it makes the skin tighter than before.

The common mistake that many people did is choosing a wrong doctor or surgeon. This has happened to those who do not make any research before doing surgery. Choose the best place and best surgeon with good technical skill is important thing to find out. Choose a specialized surgeon is important to get the best result and minimize the risks. Some risks are might cause from an inexperienced surgeon that does not have good knowledge and skill. Check the medical license of the surgery place, because only a licensed place that has a right to do cosmetic surgery like laser liposuction.

Minimize the Risk with Tumescent Laser Liposuction

The development of new technology leads it to the new technique in the surgery. One of them is the development in cosmetic surgery that is called tumescent laser liposuction. It is a new method of laser liposuction mixing some anesthetic and medicines of tumescent solution with laser. The purpose of use tumescent solution is to minimize bleeding during the surgery. Tumescent is a kind of liquid substance containing an anesthetic and vasoconstrictor.

The surgeon uses tumescent by injecting it into the body where the fat needs to be removed. It is injected before the surgery began. Unlike the old laser liposuction, using this tumescent solution will give some advantages and decrease the risks. This tumescent solution control and minimizes the pain for a day at least. It can decrease the bruise that comes to the skin after surgery. It helps to get faster recovery. When the surgery is started, this tumescent solution will make the fat removing easier.

The procedure of this method is quite same with laser liposuction. It can be done either patient is in conscious condition or in unconscious condition. The surgeon will clean the patient’s skin with an antibacterial and sterile soap. It can prevent an infection and contamination. The surgeon will inject tumescent solution into the skin where the fat will remove. After waiting a few minutes, the surgeon will insert a laser and the fat will be melted. The fat is placed in a small tube called cannulas. This procedure will not leave any scars and it makes the skin tighter. This new method with high technology will make patient experiencing a surgery with less pain.