signs of complications after gallbladder surgery

Signs of Complications After Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder surgery is a simple and safe procedure. But a risk of post-surgery complications always exists. Gallbladder surgery complication is usually not life-threatening, but it can cause a huge discomfort if not well taken care of. Watch out for these signs of complications after gallbladder surgery and call your doctor if the symptoms persist.

Signs of Complications to Watch for After Gallbladder Surgery

1. Infection

Infection is the most common risk of surgery. After a gallbladder removal procedure, the wound may be infected. The signs that you need to notice for infection include pain in the infected area, swelling, and pus in more severe cases. Infection is mostly not dangerous if it is appropriately cared for. The doctor usually will prescribe a short course of antibiotics to cure the infection.

2. Bile Leakage

Bile leakage is a condition in which the bile fluid leaks out to the abdomen. If you experience burning pain after gallbladder surgery, it might be caused by bile leakage. The other common symptoms are fever, nausea, and swollen abdomen.

Most of the time, the fluid can be drained off by a simple procedure. But sometimes, the doctor might recommend another surgery to drain the bile out of your tummy. This scenario might sound scary. But thankfully, bile leakage only occurs in less than 2 percent of gallbladder surgery cases.

3. Injury to the Surrounding Structures

Some signs of complications after gallbladder surgery point of injury to the surrounding organs. The surgery process and the surgical instruments might injure the areas around the gallbladder. The signs are pretty much the same with infection because the wounds can cause internal infection. Unfortunately, antibiotics might not be enough to treat this condition, and further surgery might be needed.

4. Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome

If you wonder why my stomach is bigger after gallbladder surgery, there are many medical reasons to answer the question. But post-cholecystectomy syndrome is the possible answer. The symptoms of this syndrome are similar to the symptoms of gallstone diseases. You might experience pain in the stomach area, digestion problems, fever, and even jaundice. This is caused by bile fluid leakage.

In most cases, the symptoms can disappear by themselves, but it is also possible for the symptoms to stay for months. You have to call your doctor when you feel these symptoms so you can get proper treatment. Medications are mostly enough to take care of the symptoms, but there is a possibility that you need to go back under the knife.

5. Hernia

Gallbladder surgery might affect your digestive organs and cause a hernia. The intestines might bulge through at the incision site. Then, you will feel that your abdomen feels bigger than usual because of the bulge. It can be painful, but sometimes it will not cause any problems. If you feel uncomfortable and can’t stand the pain, immediately see your doctor.

So, it is essential to see signs of complications after gallbladder surgery. Postoperative infection is not something that we can take lightly. Pay attention to your condition and make sure you follow all the post-op regimens your doctor told you.