Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

What Is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy?

There are many people still don’t know about what is vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is a restrictive form of the weight loss surgery. The stomach will be removed approximately three to four months. Different with many forms of Bariatric surgery, the stomach in this process will be reduced drastically by means of the size. The function will be preserved. The sleeve gastrectomy will not be reversible. The removal of the majority of the stomach will result in the virtual elimination of the production of certain hormones in the stomach. It can stimulate feeling hunger.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedures will not include any kind of rerouting or bypassing of the intestinal tract. The patients decrease the risk of developing potential complications of the gastric bypass, including anemia, intestinal obstruction, vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis, and protein deficiency. The procedure requires the stapling of the stomach. The patients are running any risk of the leakage and others kind of complication directly related to the stapling.

Like the others surgery, the possibilities of risk for the patients can be a small bowel obstruction, postoperative bleeding, pneumonia, even death. You have to be careful and selective when you want to take this procedure. This procedure will provide the restriction without placement or need of the foreign object as well as without bypassing intestine. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy technique can be a good option for the individuals.

For those who have extreme overweight, the vertical sleeve gastrectomy will be performed normally at first of the two stages for the procedure with the further Bariatric surgery, which plans after the weight of patients have decreased enough for lowering the risks of surgical. You are allowed to do the consultation about this procedure to make sure your choices before taking this procedure. You can browse some information firstly from the internet to give you the overview about this procedure.

The advantages and risks of vertical sleeve Gastrectomy

Although this procedure is full of risks, there are several advantages that you will get if the procedures are done successfully. The advantages are variously. The stomach will continue the function normally. There are major parts of the stomach that produce lots of hormones which are responsible for stimulating the hunger will be removed. There is dumping, but not always avoided as pylorus valve which is left intact. This procedure can provide the best solution for the patients with condition that place them at high risk unacceptably from the other kind of the Bariatric surgery.

For those who have a high BMI, it will require the follow up of weight loss surgery. This is purposed to achieve the main goal of each patient as they have decided to choose this procedure. The weight of patients will run slowly if they don’t follow the dietary changes which are recommended by the doctors after the surgery. There is a possibility of complication as a result of the stomach stapling. This procedure is not reversible enough as part of the stomach, which is removed permanently.

The anatomy of vertical sleeve Gastrectomy

It will generate the weight loss through the gastric restriction or reducing the volume of the stomach. Your stomach will be restricted by the stapling as well as dividing those vertically. This can remove up to over 85%. This is not reversible. The remained stomach will be shaped like a really slim of the banana. The measure of it is about 1 up to 5 ounces or about 30 until 150 cc. This will depend of surgeon which performs the procedure.

The nerves to the stomach and velvet or pylorus will remain the intact with the idea of preserving function of the stomach. It is reducing the volume drastically. You have to know that there will be no intestinal bypass in the procedure of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is only purposed for stomach reduction.

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