shoulder pain 2 weeks after gallbladder removal

Knowing 4 Circumstances of Shoulder Pain 2 Weeks After Gallbladder Removal

Do not worry if experiencing shoulder pain 2 weeks after gallbladder removal. You require time returning to normal after gallbladder post-op. The following are some conditions that you may have.

4 Circumstances Shoulder Pain After Gallbladder Removal

1. Pain

After the surgery, you may have minimal pain, although you will feel sore in the abdomen. You will feel the small incision sites too. Some patients experience shoulder pain on their first day or two. From here, you may think about why is there shoulder pain after gallbladder removal. It is caused by the gas that is left in your abdomen during the surgery. However, this pain will go on its own.

After being discharged home, you will have medications to lessen your pain. You can take these medications if you need them. In the first few days, you may want to take it to make yourself comfortable.

2. Wound Care

After the operation, you will have four small wounds on the abdomen. One is on your belly button, and three others at your right ribs. You have to pay attention carefully to these wounds, especially for taking care of wounds.

You should know that the wounds are closed with dissolvable stitches. Make sure you have to keep those areas clean. It is advisable to shower or bathe when all bandages are removed. You can contact your surgery nurse wound care. For shoulder pain 2 weeks after gallbladder removal, you have to talk with your doctor. If you notice this problem, it means that it is a normal process for the gallbladder post-op.

3. Work

Most patients feel that they are strong enough to return to work. They go to work after 1 or 2 weeks of operation. Several are even returning to work sooner because they only do desk work. Yet, it is essential to monitor your body’s movement. If your work requires you to lift or bend, you had better take more time to rest. Contact your surgeon if you need a work excuse letter.

You can tell your HR about the movement that causes why is there shoulder pain after gallbladder removal. This pain comes because the abdomen is still sore. Thus, pain-release medicine and enough rest are necessary for you.

4. Activity and Exercise

After a few days of operation, patients feel that they can do some activities. However, there are several things that you have to consider in doing exercises. Talk with your surgeon to get clear guidance.

Remember not to lift anything that weighs heavier than 8 to 10 pounds. It is around a gallon of milk. You had better not do it for two weeks. If you want to do heavier activities, like take exercise, always be aware of your abdomen movement. You have to be comfortable doing it. You can walk instead of lifting heavy objects.

This helps cholecystectomy patients during their curing period. Many patients feel that they are better after following this operation. Once you feel shoulder pain 2 weeks after gallbladder removal, you can speak to your doctors and ask for any advice from them.