still sick after gallbladder removal

Why Do People Still Sick After Gallbladder Removal?

We need to know about the side effects of gallbladder removal surgery. Even some people are still sick after the gallbladder removal. Though the main purpose of gallbladder removal surgery is to reduce and remove the pain, people still have to be more concerned about the side effects, the risks, and why still sick after gallbladder removal.

There are some side effects related to the after surgery, and this condition may get worse without the proper treatment. Various kinds of side effects after gallbladder removal such as infection, bleeding, and fever. Some other effects may also relate to the problems of the digestive system. Therefore, you may need to know more information about the side effects of gallbladder removal.

The Main Function of Gallbladder

Before we talk further about the side effects of gallbladder removal, you need to know what is the gallbladder itself. This is an organ with a shape just like a pear and the location is just near the liver. So, the main function is to keep all the productions of bile from the liver. The squeezing movement of the gallbladder is to make sure that the bile can digest the fats from your daily menu.

The problem here is when there are lots of fats, salts, and a high level of cholesterols which already turn into hard gallstones. It may surely lead you to a serious condition and you may feel pain at the same time, therefore doctors may consider doing the gallbladder removal. The good news here, you may still survive though your gallbladder is already removed since the bile produced by the liver will flow directly to the bile ducts.

The Reasons Why People Still Sick After the Gallbladder Removal

However, you have to realize that there are still some side effects related to gallbladder removal which becomes the main cause why people are still sick after the gallbladder removal. The first problem that you may have to consider is how people have to face the problem of the digestive system. This may commonly happen when you eat fatty foods and your digestive system may face difficulty.

Therefore, you have to reduce the fact consumption and eat more food that contains high fiber to help to maintain the digestive system. Another problem may relate to diarrhea. Some people may face the problem of diarrhea as the post-surgery effect. This condition is commonly happening because of the bile which is flowing directly to the intestine.

Some More Problems as the Side Effect After the Gallbladder Removal

Some more side effects may happen after the removal of the gallbladder. People may also face the problem of chronic diarrhea as the effect of bowel movement can be normal after the removal of the gallbladder. Therefore, if you are facing this condition is always important that you contact your doctor.

Maybe there is also a problem of constipation, which may happen temporarily. This is also a certain kind of effect due to the post-surgery medications that you have to take. Be aware of the rare case of intestinal injury which may happen, and it is about the surgery complication. These are all the problems of why people still sick after gallbladder removal.