roux en y gastric bypass complications

5 Facts of Roux En Y Gastric Bypass Complications

Let’s talk about roux en y gastric bypass complications. There are some facts that we must know about roux en y gastric as one of the ways to lose your weight. Since there are so many people who like to lose weight in a fast time, we find so many choices to do to lose the weight. Before you take this weight loss way, you better know some facts related to roux en y gastric bypass and also roux en y gastric bypass complications here.

1. The Meaning of Roux en Y

The first thing that we must know when we want to take this surgery is the definition of this surgery. Roux en Y is known as Roux en Y anastomosis, or end-to-side surgical anastomosis of the bowl. That is used to reconstruct the gastrointestinal tract part. It is recommended as weight loss surgery for all of you who want to lose weight. The food that you eat bypasses the rest of your stomach, and your upper part of the small intestine. By doing this surgery, the amount of fat and also calories that you absorb will be reduced. It will reduce the amount of the minerals and also vitamins that you can get from the food that you eat.

2. Is this Surgery Safe?

The next fact that you need to know is about the safety of this surgery. There are some risks that you can face when you do this surgery such as bleeding, blood clots in your legs, and also infections. This surgery may give you risk such as breathing problems and some other reactions.

3. Long Term Side Effects of This Gastric Bypass Surgery

The most important fact that you must know is the long-term side effects of this surgery. There are some long-term risks for patients, such as dumping syndrome, low blood sugar, malnutrition, vomiting, ulcers, bowel obstruction, and hernias.

4. A Gastric Bypass Failure

The most often question that is asked by so many people, is about the failure of this surgery. Can a gastric bypass fail? The failure after this surgery is defined as maintaining and achieving less than 50% of the excess weight loss. The failure rate is 15% and you need to consider some side effects of this surgery too.

5. How Long Does a Gastric Bypass Last?

Some patients can lose their weight for more than two years when they follow all procedures that are done after the surgery. They can lose more than 200lbs for two years. They need to change their lifestyle and keep in mind that losing weight is not an instant thing.

Before you take roux en y gastric bypass, there are some facts to understand such as the procedures that done when you take this surgery, the failure rate of this surgery, the side effect that you must face after the surgery and how long this surgery can last and lose your weight. By understanding all roux en y gastric bypass complications, you can decide to do this surgery or leave it.