digestive problems after gallbladder removal

Digestive Problems After Gallbladder Removal – The Side Effects of Gallbladder Removal

A gallbladder is an important fluid storage organ in the body’s digestive system. The gall has functions to digest fat and help the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients dissolved in fat. However, there are some conditions that require someone to go under surgical gallbladder removal. For example, gallstones. Gallstones are dangerous since they can disturb other body’s functions. But are there any side effects of gallbladder removal? Are there any digestive problems after gallbladder removal?

3 Side Effects of Gallbladder Removal

1. Diarrhea

The first common digestive problems after gallbladder removal is diarrhea. The gallbladder basically serves as bile storage, which is extremely useful for the digestive system. The liver will keep producing the gall. But since the gallbladder is no longer in the body, the gall will directly drip into the small intestines. This tends to cause diarrhea in the digestive system because the small intestines are not getting used to the change yet.

2. Bloating and Nausea

Bloating and nausea are other digestive problem that occurs after gallbladder removal. After surgical gallbladder removal, the intestines cannot digest a great amount of fat. The intestines cannot digest fat well and this can cause bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. If diarrhea occurs for a long time, this condition will surely make the body lack nutrients and make it easy to get tired. So, when you suffer from diarrhea for a long time due to gallbladder removal, immediately go to the doctor to get the best, proper treatment to overcome the problem.

3. High Risks of Various Health Problems

Losing one of the most important organs in the body surely can trigger various reactions, such as health problems. When someone does not have a gallbladder in their body, they are at a higher risk of getting gastric pains and other diseases related to the liver. So, after surgical gallbladder removal, someone is highly suggested to follow what their doctor says.

Food and Drinks to Avoid after Gallbladder Removal Surgery

When someone has gone under surgical gallbladder removal, they will have some food and beverages to avoid. They should avoid food that contains a lot of oil, such as mayonnaise and meat. They also need to avoid drinks that contain caffeine. So, coffee is a big no. It is because caffeine can increase the production of gas in the body and cause stomach acid that is bad for the digestive system.

Those are the side effects of surgical gallbladder removal. Though the gallbladder is an important body organ, someone without a gallbladder can still live normally. Instead, they cannot live normally if they keep their problematic gallbladder. If the problematic gallbladder is not removed, this can lead to infections in the bile duct. These infections then can spread to the liver and cause other more serious infections in the body.

The surgical wounds will dry and heal within 4 weeks to 6 weeks after the surgery. Immediately consult the doctor if blood comes out of the wounds. In order to maintain the health of the gallbladder, start to live a healthier lifestyle. Consume more vegetables and fruits and regularly exercise.