can i eat eggs after gallbladder surgery

Can I Eat Eggs After Gallbladder Surgery? How to Prepare the Eggs

Choosing foods that postoperative gallbladder removal patients can consume is a bit tricky. Can I eat eggs after gallbladder surgery? The absence of a gallbladder that regulates the flow of fast-breaking bile causes the patient to reduce fat in the food consumed. However, you must still consume fat in specific amounts to support the metabolic systems of other organs.

Foods that health providers recommend after gallbladder removal surgery are soft, low in fat, contain healthy fats and have lots of fiber. These foods can help the body regulate bowel movement that is disrupted due to loss of the gallbladder. Some examples of recommended foods for consumption by post-operation gallbladder removal surgery patients include bananas, oats, steamed veggies, avocado, yoghurt, chicken breast and eggs. How about egg? This food is quite interesting to discuss because of the many pros and cons of can I eat eggs after gallbladder removal surgery?

Nutrition Facts about Eggs

The maximum amount of fat consumption is 40 to 60 grams a day, while post-operation gallbladder removal surgery patients are 50% normal. Chicken eggs generally contain a nutritional content of 4.5 grams of fat. It’s making them too difficult for some patients to tolerate. You can still consume chicken eggs by observing several other parameters.

The number of eggs that you can eat

There is a saying that anything that is eaten in excess will cause disease. Eggs do have a complete and good nutritional content. However, if it is consumed in excess, especially for postoperative gallbladder removal patients, it will cause further complications. The number of eggs that the patient can consume is not more than three eggs. It is recommended to consume low-make organic eggs or only the white part. In addition, when consuming eggs, other foods on the same day must be sure to be low in fat.

How to prepare eggs for postoperative gallbladder removal patients

For egg enthusiasts who are also postoperative gallbladder removal, patients can combine egg cooking techniques using low-fat methods such as steaming and boiling. The frying process can also be done by suppressing excess oil and having to spray the oil onto the pan instead of pouring it. If you want to make a cake that contains eggs and milk, the use of low-fat or skim milk can be considered more than using whole cream milk.

Consult with trusted health providers and nutritionists

The nutritional needs of each patient will vary from one another. Usually, the doctor will prescribe a special diet or diet after the patient has finished surgery. You only need to ask, “Can I eat eggs after gallbladder removal surgery?” to the doctor in charge of you. A diet that is not following the doctor’s recommendation will cause new problems in the future.

Stop consumption when there are symptoms

Even though it is allowed by the doctor, pay attention to the symptoms that appear when you consume eggs. If symptoms appear, such as stomach pain, bloating, vomiting and nausea, you can stop eating eggs and report it to the doctor. It is also advisable to consume eggs in minimal amounts first to check for any symptoms that arise or not.

Having gallbladder removal surgery is indeed not easy. The postoperative life will also be much different from your previous everyday life. Please take better care of your body so as not to cause complications of other diseases.