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Things to Know About Gastric Sleeve Pre Op Diet

For those who want to take the gastric sleeve surgery, you are required to do the diet which is namely as gastric sleeve pre op diet. It must be noted that this diet is done by the patients who want to take the surgery, especially for those who have a high Body Mass Index which is over 35. For the patients who have BMI fewer than 35, they can go straight forward for the procedures of surgery without need of this diet. You are recommended to do some consultation and discussion with the health professional to know the index of BMI.

The steps of gastric sleeve pre op diet

The gastric sleeve pre op diet procedure is important since this is an essential part of preparation necessary for certain patients who want to undergo the gastric sleeve surgery. If the patients have ready for the surgery process, the health professional or the doctors must know the current weight of the patients. Know the weight of the patient is the start point in gastric sleeve surgery. It can introduce the new lifestyle for the patients that must be started. This pre op diet is aimed to reducing the body fat in liver and abdomen.

There are direct correlations between the condition of fatty liver and obesity. The fatty liver will make the size of liver larger than the ordinary size. It can cause the liver heavier. The gastric sleeve pre op diet is purpose to reduce the size of the liver before surgery. It can avoid some risks as you are doing the surgery process. The common diet, which is done by patients before taking the surgery process is a liquid diet. But, it depends on recommendations from your doctor.

Tips for gastric sleeve pre op diet

For those who are confused what to do with this diet, you can browse some tips from the internet or magazines. Gastric sleeve pre op diet tips will be useful by means of the successfully of surgery process. First, you can change the diet. The gastric sleeve is a kind of serious procedure. It is a good idea for preparing your body. Two weeks before taking the surgery, the diet must be started. This can be the liquid diet or others which can shrink the liver as well as make the surgery safer. The timing of the pre op diet depends of the starting weight or doctor’s recommendation.

You can change the grocery list. It means you have to make sure that you can make the protein rich of liquid meals either for before or after surgery process. This pre op diet step takes long time before you can to eat the solids. You will need lots of clear soups and the broths, Popsicles, sugar free clear JELLO, and skim milk.

Stop smoking is required. Quit stop for about one month before surgery will be useful and helpful for your gastric sleeve surgery. This can make you ensure that the process of post operative recovery will be speeded up. The risk of complications related to the surgery will be drastically reduced. If you don’t want to quit from smoking, there is possibility that the doctors refuse in performing surgery altogether.

You have to ensure that the wardrobe is really suitable. The gastric sleeve will leave the body to be really tender. Loose the clothing and slip on the shoes are really helpful. It is a good option if you have the alternative for transition clothing. It means that the clothes can match you at whatever the stages since you will lose the weight in gastric sleeve surgery procedure. The loss of weight will be really rapidly at the beginning. It is effective in cost if you wear the old clothes which are not fit right now. As an alternative, you can buy some pieces from the charity shop or other option.

You will need lots of protein after the surgery. You have to get used to during the period of gastric sleeve pre op diet. So, you can explore various kinds of protein powder and find which one you will like. By finding the protein, you can make yourself for incorporating the diet without adding too many extra calories.