how quickly do you lose weight after gastric sleeve

How Quickly Do You Lose Weight After Gastric Sleeve? Check This Out

Patients may wonder, how quickly do you lose weight after gastric sleeve? This type of surgery may not be as easy as you see. There will be preparations to do before and after the surgery to make you get the successful weight-loss surgery.

People choose Bariatric surgery because exercise and diet can’t work for them. Surgery will help them to be much healthier, and for a longer effect, it can help people with their social interactions. The surgery is a long process, it is not instant, because after doing the surgery, patients need to keep their weight by doing several healthy habits.

1. After the Surgery

Immediately after finishing the surgery, patients have to follow a strict liquid protein diet. The process takes two weeks. And once they’re ready, patients can eat pureed and soft food. You may find this condition difficult. You don’t get any carb intake, you may also be weak. To gain strength, try to walk for five minutes a day. And add the time, once you’re ready. It can be 30 minutes a day.

2. Three Months After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

At least three months after the surgery, you have to change your diet to be more a solid diet. If you have no idea what fasting is, or even diet is, try to list a range of food you can eat. If you can’t handle solid food, then wait, while you’re consuming pureed or liquid food. Also, reduce the portion of your food. When you put a meal on your plate, make sure you only take one person.

3. Six Months after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After six months, it is the time when the results of your surgery are seen. You may experience a significant amount. Patients will lose around 2 pounds per week after the surgery. Thus, if you get the right treatment for six months, you will lose up to 50 pounds in six months.

And for those who get the surgery, you may get a significant result, like almost 40% of weight-loss when joining the program. How quickly do you lose weight after gastric sleeve? The after treatment you will have may last for almost a year. And the result may vary depending on how consistent you are with the diet you do.

4. Nine Months after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When you reach nine months after your Bariatric surgery, you may experience complications to deal with. Vitamin deficiencies are a common result of these cook techniques. Thus, if you find some advice, see the dietician and Bariatric surgeon to prevent yourself from complications that can lead to serious illness.

5. A Year after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

And when you are in the 12 to 18 month process, you will have a very significant weight-loss. And for gastric surgery patients will lose 100 pounds around when they finish the process. The number of weight-loss will depend on your diet, so every person will have milestones.

How Fast do You Lose Weight after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you follow the diet carefully, you will get the best result. It may take months, but it is worth waiting to get the desired weight. How quickly do you lose weight after Gastric Sleeve? The result can be seen for months. The most important one is reducing salt and sugar. Drink more water.