laparoscopic gastric banding

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding for Weight Loss

Obesity becomes one of the most common weight problems in the world. The number of obesity is always increased. Diet does not work well. You need to take surgery to lose your weight. If you are interested in weight loss surgery, you need to compare the options. There are some options that you can choose. I suggest you to choose Laparoscopic gastric banding in this article. This surgery is one of the most favorite weight loss procedures. You can choose this surgery. If you are interested, you need to follow this article.

About Laparoscopic Gastric Banding

Laparoscopic gastric banding is a kind of weight loss surgery where your surgeons place a band on your stomach upper part. It purposes to create a pouch that functions to hold the foods you eat. You will feel satisfied with the smaller portion of eating. After the surgery, you are only allowed to eat certain foods before the real foods are introduced slowly based on your doctor’s advice. It depends on the condition of your stomach after the surgery.

This surgery will not make you feel pain during the surgery because your surgeons will give you anesthesia so that you will fall asleep. This surgery uses a sophisticated technology with a small camera located in your belly. It functions to make the surgeons see your belly. The surgeons will make some surgical cuts on your abdomen to apply laparoscopic gastric banding. Besides placing a small camera through the cuts, they will place a band on your stomach upper part. It functions to separate between upper and lower parts of your stomach. It may take about a half up to an hour to complete this surgery.

The Procedures of the Surgery

This weight loss surgery can be a solution for you who fail losing weight through exercise and diet. It does not mean that surgery can lose your weight fast. It will help you to lose your weight gradually by changing your lifestyle. You should follow all the procedures to take this surgery. If you want to take this surgery, your mentality should be stable. You should not dependent on drugs or alcohol. Related to body mass index, your BMI should be more than 35 where you need to lose your weight.

The Risks of the Surgery

There are many laparoscopic gastric banding risks that you need to know. The band in this surgery will erode and if it happens, you should remove it. It may slip partly. It can cause some problems such as stomach ulcers, heartburn, gastritis, etc. Infection is also possible. Some injuries can happen in your stomach such as the intestines. The nutrient you get will be reduced because this surgery reduces your stomach. Consider some risks above, you need to be careful.

The Procedures before the Surgery

Before taking the surgery, you need to follow some procedures to make sure that you need it and ready to take this weight loss surgery. You need to take a blood test to know your health condition. Then, you should take classes to get the information about this surgery overall. You may be required to get a physical exam. If it is needed, you should visit a mental health provider to help you to control your emotion. Your doctor needs your medical history, such as lung/heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The Procedures during the Surgery

After you pass all the procedures above, you are ready to take this operation. You must not drink or eat anything after midnight until the surgery is done on the surgery day. Your doctors ask you to consume some drugs recommended. You can ask your family to accompany you at the hospital because it will be very helpful to increase your mental.

The Procedures after the Surgery

After the surgery is completely done, you may be allowed to go home. Many cases required the patients to stay at the hospital for a few days depending on the conditions. You may be suggested to stay at the hospital for about 2 days. After that, you can go home and do your daily activities again. If you are allowed to go home directly after the surgery, you should take a rest at home for certain days before you can do your routine activities.

You should pay attention to your foods and beverages you consume after laparoscopic gastric banding weight loss. You will only be allowed to drink liquids after the surgery. Then, slowly the soft foods are introduced. You are allowed to eat real foods after 6 weeks. The band can be tightened or loosen by your surgeons for some reasons. For example, you have eating problems, the weight is not reduced, or you vomit after eating after laparoscopic gastric banding. If you experience these conditions, you have to call your doctor to get the best handling soon.

The Results of the Surgery

The result of this weight loss surgery can be different. It depends on your changing lifestyle and your extra weight before you take the surgery. Laparoscopic gastric banding is able to reduce your weight about one and third up to one and a half of your extra weight. You should follow all the procedures and consult with your doctors to get the best result.

You need to be careful with the side effects because it can cause some problems. One of the possible problems is asthma. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is possible to happen. You may experience high blood pressure. This surgery can cause high cholesterol. Other possible problems are sleep apnea and diabetes type 2. You can minimize those problems if you really change your lifestyle to be better before and after taking laparoscopic gastric banding.