laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: Effective Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity can be a serious problem. It can cause problems for your health. Obesity does not only cause problems for your health problem only, it can cause problems with your daily activities. You need to lose your weight. If you are interested in weight loss, surgery can be a good choice. There are many weight loss surgery options that you can choose. One of the best options is laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy. If you are interested in this weight loss surgery, you need to follow this article.

About Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery that will be done by cutting your stomach up to 85%. The surgery needs about 50 minutes or more depending on some factors. With the smaller stomach, you will need fewer portions when eating so that your weight will be reduced gradually. This weight loss surgery will be best for you, who have a body mass index more than 60 kg/m 2. The best result is able to see after 2 years. So, you should be patient.

The Advantages

There are some advantages of laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Take this weight loss surgery will reduce your appetite hormone. It does not require you to bypass the small intestine. The malnutrition risk will be lower. This surgery has a lower risk of stomach ulcers and bowel obstruction. For the post surgery, the weight loss procedures and results are similar to gastric bypass. This surgery is safe so that you can consider taking this surgery to lose your weight.

The Disadvantages

If we talk about insurance, it is not covered by most insurance companies. They do not offer the insurance related to this surgery. It does not mean that all companies do not cover it. Some of them cover it. For example, United Healthcare covers this weight loss surgery. This surgery is covered by Blue Cross Federal. Considering the safety, you should not be afraid of this surgery.

The General Risks

There are many laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy risks that you need to know. The worst risk that may happen after this weight loss surgery is death. The risk of death is caused by the waiting time to get Bariatric surgery, not the surgery itself. However, this risk is very low. It depends on your body mass index, the type of obesity, your sex, and other health conditions. The death risk comes in the first of 30 days after the surgery is done. So, you have to be careful during these days.

The Short Term Risks

Besides that general risk above, there are some specific risks caused by laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Starts from the short term or within 30 days after the surgery. You have the risk of minor bleeding. Spleen or liver laceration belongs to the short term risk of this weight loss surgery. It is possible happen staple line leak to you. Other possible risks of this weight loss surgery are deep vein thrombosis and specimen extraction infection site. You need to consult with your doctor to get the tips to minimize the risks above.

The Long Term Risks

The risks relate to long term. For your lifetime rest, this weight loss surgery can cause some problems. One of them is stomach stricture. It can cause stomach pouch ulcers are also well known as peptic ulcers. The hernia is one of the long term risks of this surgery. If your condition after the surgery is worse, it may require you to get additional surgery. You may experience anemia so that you should find the best foods to eat. You need to consume minerals and more vitamins.

The Conditions Where You Are Not Allowed to Take the Surgery

This weight loss surgery cannot be done freely. Some health conditions do not allow you to get this surgery. For example, if you have lung disease, you cannot take laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Have substance abuse, narcotic dependency, and untreated psychiatric disorders do not allow you to take this weight loss. Other conditions where you cannot take this surgery are alcohol or drug abuse, endocrine disorders, etc. So, before you take this surgery, you have to make sure that you have better health.

The Recovery Time

After the surgery, you need to take a rest for the recovery time before you are allowed to do your routine activities. The recovery time is different from one person to another. It depends on your condition after the surgery. The patients are required to stay at the hospital after the surgery for a few days. You will be monitored about your condition progress during these days.

If your condition is better, you may be allowed to go home. You still need to take a rest for a few days at home and you cannot do your routine activities especially heavy activities. Some people need a week to recover their condition. Some other people need up to 2 weeks to get fit after the surgery. You need to get additional rest if it is needed until your condition is really ready to do your daily activities.

Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Costs

How much money should you spend to take this weight loss surgery? It depends on the area and the hospital rules. Some people need to spend about $ 14,000 but some other people need to spend up to more than $ 30,000. The costs after laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy affect your overall costs. You need to plan and prepare everything properly before you take this weight loss surgery.