long term effects of gallbladder removal

Long Term Effects of Gallbladder Removal – The Side Effects

For your information, gallbladder removal is possibly happening. But you should need to consider certain conditions related to the removal of the gallbladder. Therefore, you have to collect information related to the long term effects of gallbladder removal. Before we talk too far about this kind of matter, we have to know first what the gallbladder is, and what is the main function.

Knowing Further about Gallbladder and the Function

The organ with the specific small pouch shape and is located around the right area of the abdomen is called the gallbladder. The main function of this organ is for bile releasing and storage. Bile itself is the liver’s liquid production and it helps us to maintain a healthy digestive system. The side effect of having a high production of bilirubin and a high level of cholesterol are the common causes of gallbladder disease.

There are some kinds of problems closely related to gallbladder disease. It’s such as the stones of the bile duct, the gallstones, the gallstones’ chronic inflammation. If you have these serious kinds of symptoms that affect you a lot, the doctors will do gallbladder removal surgery. But you also have to be aware of the long term effects of gallbladder removal.

The Side Effects of Gallbladder Removal

As you need to know about the absence of a gallbladder, there are some risks that you have to realize. Though you can still maintain your body to keep healthy even though you do not have the gallbladder anymore. But you need to maintain your body not to do many physical activities. It’s may lead you to some kinds of conditions, such as infection, bleeding or pain which can be followed by fever.

With the absence of a gallbladder, it is always possible that people may experience the side effects of the digestive systems. Furthermore, your body will need a longer time to digest the fat, which enters your body through the daily food that you are consuming. Therefore, you still need to take certain kinds of medication to face this problem. For some other people, they may also get the side effect which they may get shortly such as bile leaking.

Other side effects which people may surely face. It’s because of the absence of gallbladder are flatulence and the problem of diarrhea.¬†These problems might happen because of indigestion, and people may also experience the worst problem when they do not consume healthy foods with high fiber. They may surely have to face the problem of bile leakage.

More Side Effects Because of Gallbladder Removal

People with no gallbladder may also face the problem of a sensitive digestive system. Therefore, they may also have the problem of constipation. The condition may get worse when people also face the problem of dehydration. There is also a little risk of stomach cramping due to intestinal injury. And you have to contact your doctor when the condition is getting worse.

Do you know that the removal surgery for the gallbladder may also lead you to some conditions such as jaundice, fever, and pain? The skin may turn to a yellow color. Therefore, you have to be concerned about your body condition after the gallbladder removal surgery. These are all the long term effects of gallbladder removal.