post sleeve gastrectomy diet

How to Eat for Post Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet

One of the most modern ways of weight loss is surgery. Weight loss surgery is done by cutting the stomach so that your stomach will be smaller. With a smaller stomach, you will be satisfied faster when eating because of the smaller portion you need. This surgery comes in various types. One of the most recommended ideas is sleeve gastrectomy. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is very effective to lose your weight. However, you have to pay attention to your post sleeve gastrectomy diet to get the best weight loss result. There are 4 phases that you need to pass.

4 Phases of Post Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the post sleeve gastrectomy diet starts after you take this surgery. This phase ends after a week. It depends on your condition. There are many rules that you have to pay attention in this phase. You have to pass it carefully. Then, you have beverages that can cause complications such as carbonated beverages, caffeinated drinks, and sugary drinks. You are only allowed to consume clear liquids such as lighter juices, herbal teas, sugar free popsicles, sugar free Jell-O, flavored water, ice chips, and pure water.

You can consider drinking pure water when you wake up in the morning. After that, juice can be a good option for breakfast after sleeve gastrectomy diet in the first phase. If you need a morning snack, warm tea will be a good idea. Sugar free Jell-O is recommended for lunch. You can consider herbal tea for afternoon snack. Sugar free popsicles will be great for dinner. If it is possible, you can consider getting an evening snack with herbal tea. This is one of the examples of the best menu in the first phase of the post sleeve gastrectomy diet.

Phase 2

After the phase 1 ends, the second phase starts. This phase happens about a week so that it may end around 2 weeks after the surgery. You need to pay attention to your goal that is getting protein for about 60 up to 90 grams. You need to consume some other nutrients such as iron, calcium, and multivitamin. So, the needs of nutrient in your body can be fulfilled well.

In the second phase of post sleeve gastrectomy surgical diet, you are allowed to consume full liquids. There are many ideas that you need to prioritize. You can consider drinking vegetable juices. Greek yogurt is allowed for you to consume in this phase. You may eat some full liquids. For example, is protein powder. Unsweetened coconut milk, cashew, and almond are recommended for you in this phase. You should consider consuming soups, sugar free pudding, cereals, wheat, and oatmeal.

If you are confused to choose the thick liquids for your daily menu in this phase, you can consider the following examples. For breakfast, oatmeal with high protein like almond milk can be a good idea. If you need a morning snack, protein shake can be considered. For lunch, it will be very great if you consume yogurt that is blended with protein such as almond milk. For an additional snack in the afternoon, the full protein shake should be prioritized. In the evening, pureed soup is good for dinner and sugar free pudding will be a good idea for evening snack.

Phase 3

The third phase starts from about the third week. It happens about 7 days. Different from the previous phases, the third phase of the post sleeve gastrectomy diet allows you to eat soft foods. You have to make sure that the soft foods belong to healthy foods so that the foods will not cause complications or other problems. It will be better if you stop drinking a half hour before eating soft foods and start drinking again about a half hour after you eat soft foods. This eating pattern should be followed in the third phase after sleeve gastrectomy weight loss diet.

You have to make sure that the soft foods are allowed to consume in this phase. There are many ideas that you can consider. Vegetables and fruits can be the priority. You can consider eating scrambled eggs. Egg salad is allowed to consume. Tuna fish will be a good idea to try. Chicken salad, moistened, and salmon can be your options. Other soft foods that are approved in the third phase of the post sleeve gastrectomy diet are cottage cheese, tofu, bananas, sweet potatoes, and Greek yogurt.

You have to keep in mind that in the third phase of post sleeve gastrectomy diet, you have to prioritize soft foods that contain high protein and low sugar. You need to know that you are not allowed to drink and eat at the same time. For each eating, the maximum portion is only 4 ounces. You need to aim daily calories for about 800 calories. You need to check the labels of foods to control your nutrients, especially the carbohydrate, sugar, and fat.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the last phase that you will pass before you are really allowed to eat the normal foods as usual including solid foods. It starts from the fourth week until your condition allows you to eat solid foods. Even though you are allowed to consume solid foods, your portion should not above eight ounces. In the last phase of the post sleeve gastrectomy diet, you should prioritize easing protein.

There are some solid foods that are recommended to eat in this last phase such as low sugar Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, meatless products, tofu, chicken, eggs, shrimp, and fish. You have to know that red meat is not tolerated in this phase. This can be a good reference for you to plan your post sleeve gastrectomy diet.