roux en y gastrojejunostomy

Roux En Y Gastrojejunostomy: The Pros and Cons

Roux en y gastrojejunostomy is type or surgery that is usually done by end-to-side surgical anastomosis or bowel in order to reconstruct gastrointestinal track. People usually call it as gastrojejunostomy. According to some doctors, it is surgical procedure which an anastomosis is made between your stomach and the proximal look of the jejunum. There are some reasons of doing this surgical procedure.

This surgery can be done by opening or laparoscopic approach. When you do this kind of surgery, your stomach will be made smaller than before. The smaller stomach will be divided into two compartments or it will be divided with staples. For all of you who do this surgery, after you chew your food and it mixes with your saliva in your mouth, the food will go down to the esophagus to your stomach pouch and then into the other small intestine. It makes you need less time for food digestion and for calorie absorption.

This surgery usually is done for them who suffer with over weight or some other problems related with their weight. It can be done by them who are suffering with some health problems too. For all of you who are interested in doing this surgery procedures, you need to know pros and cons of this surgery.

Pros of Roux En Y Gastrojejunostomy

There are some advantages that you can get from roux en y gastrojejunostomy or gastric bypass surgery such as:

  • It is great treatment for them who suffer with diabetes
  • It is great solution for them who have problem related with high blood pressure
    80 percent of patients claim that it is best treatment for them to stop their sleep apnea
  • It is also good for them who suffer with osteoarthritis
  • Patients with over weight can lose their weight in fast time. They can lose 65% of their weight in very short time after they do this surgery.
  • Patients gets better long-term weight loss solution rather than when they do tight diet, medications and also some other heavy exercises.
  • Patients feel better because it is difficult to get gain their weight again after they lose their weight by doing this surgery.
  • They can limit the consumption of high sugar and high fat food because they usually will suffer with dumping syndrome.

Cons do Roux En Y Gastrojejunostomy

After you know some benefits of doing this surgery, you also need to know some disadvantages of this surgery such as:

  • You may experience some complications such as pulmonary embolism blood cloth to your lungs
  • You may experience bleeding, infections and also stricture
  • You mat regain some of weight although it is in small amount
  • You may experience leakages after you do surgery because your stomach is divided into small intestines.
  • You need to modify your diet
  • You may experience frequent bowel movements
  • You can have more gas and it could smell worse than before you do your surgery.
  • You can get slight risk for your intestinal obstruction too.
    Some people may experience nutritional deficiencies and you need to take nutritional supplements for the rest of the life.

It is time for you to decide whether you want to take roux en y gastrojejunostomy or not.