Types of gastric bypass surgery

Two Common Types Of Gastric Bypass Surgery to be Considered

The gastric bypass surgery is one type of the three types weight loss surgeries along with the gastric banding and the sleeve gastrectomy. This type is more popular than two others because the effectiveness and safer procedure offered to the patient. That does not mean that this one does not have the disadvantage. The depression becomes the effect caused by this surgery. This surgery has some types too. There are two types of gastric bypass surgery.

The gastric bypass surgery is called as the mini gastric bypass surgery. That relates into the easiness to be practiced when it is compared with some other types of the surgeries. Two types of gastric bypass surgery are easy to be composed. If this one is easy to be finished, one aspect must be sure before you take the surgery is the team responsible for the surgery contains the experienced doctors for making sure about the success of the surgery.

Types Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

1. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

This Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery can be said as the common type to be taken by people based on certain reasons. That is caused by the fact that this one gives the higher chance for people to get the success with the surgery. It offers lower risk can be taken for the surgery. That can be the most interesting aspect that makes this surgery type becomes more popular too from the other types of surgeries for solving obesity problem.

The surgery is done by dividing the part of stomach into two parts. It is only one part of the separations that can be used, while the other does not be functioning any more. People can have the lower reason for eating the foods in huge amount. That is the main concept of both types of gastric bypass surgery. The part of the stomach used is the top part of it while the one that is no longer to be functioned. It is the down side of the stomach. The separation is done by using the staples or the band.

This type of surgery is said as the effective one. It can reduce the body weight by 8% in a year after the surgery. If the patient has the extreme condition of obesity, this type of surgery can be said as the best option to be chosen from two types of gastric bypass surgery. This one can reduce the risk of getting diabetes and back pain. The other dangerous disease like high blood pressure can be reduced the risk by taking this way.

2. Laparoscopic Procedure

The next type is the laparoscopic procedure. The procedure has some differences from the earlier one. The main difference can be found is that this one leave only the small scar after the surgery process because instead of using the common way of surgery like the earlier one. This one using the help of camera instead. This one is said as the safer one too. It can reduce the risk of the common surgery.

People who have great fear feeling relating to surgery can choose this way between two types of gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is done in a simple way without making the big scars. It is found in the common surgery. This one can give the benefits of the shorter time to heal after the surgery process. People who have only the short leisure for finishing the surgery can take this way instead of the earlier way of surgery.

The second type from two types of gastric bypass surgery can be said as the effective way too. It can reduce until 75% of body weight in a year. This way is said as having the capability of reducing the risk of diabetes. The bad effects to be faced after the surgery are said as smaller than the earlier ways of the surgery proposed today.