can you have gastric sleeve surgery twice

Can You Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery Twice in Your Body?

Surgery is an action that needs to be done if someone has serious health problems. One of the operations that can be performed or recommended by doctors is gastric surgery or Bariatric surgery. This operation is quite popular in the ears of some people who want to lose weight. Well, the problem now is, can you have gastric sleeve surgery twice?

What is Bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a surgical operation performed by doctors on patients to help them lose weight. This action is performed if the patient finds it difficult to lose weight or has certain problems that are an obstacle to losing weight. Usually, someone who is obese will be recommended to do this surgery as an alternative.

Anyone who has to undergo this operation

As previously mentioned, this gastric sleeve surgery is more for those who have problems in terms of losing weight. Usually, those who are excessively obese will be advised to do this operation.

Those who are obese cannot be careless. Only those who are overly obese such as severe obesity or obesity coupled with other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

There are several types of Bariatric surgery

Generally, this operation is divided into several types, namely:

  1. Gastric bypass
  2. Sleeve gastrectomy
  3. Adjustable gastric band
  4. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch

Of the several types of operations mentioned above, the Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch type operation has more risks, one of which is the emergence of malnutrition problems in the future.

Each type of operation has its advantages and risks. To be able to determine which type of surgery is suitable for you, you are required to consult your doctor first. Because before surgery, the doctor will check and check first to find out how your current health condition is.

Can this Bariatric operation be done more than once?

So, with several types of surgery available, can you have gastric sleeve surgery twice? The existence of several types of operations does not mean that this operation can be done repeatedly. When the operation is performed, of course, the doctor will cut or bypass the stomach.

This modification is done by reducing the size of the stomach so that later the patient will feel full faster when eating something in small amounts. Because of that, the doctor will not be able to cut or bypass the stomach area at the same time to make it even more efficient. Thus, it is impossible to do it more than once.

Even so, there will be further surgery if a patient experiences serious health problems that are more severe after performing the surgery. This operation is more commonly known as revision surgery. Unfortunately, this action will certainly pose even more serious risks in the future.

Can you get gastric sleeve surgery twice?

So, you have found the answer to the question can you have gastric sleeve surgery twice right? Even though it is a fairly popular operation, it doesn’t mean you have to go along with it to do it. Try and always try to lose weight healthily by exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, or having a healthy diet in your daily diet.