how to get weight loss surgery approved

How to Get Weight Loss Surgery Approved – Tips and Things to Consider

If you intend to take weight loss surgery, you need to find out about how to get weight loss surgery approved. Obesity is all over the world right now, especially in the US. On the other hand, obesity comes with a series of serious health conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure gout, and heart stroke to name a few.

According to data, most insurance providers in the US don’t cover bariatric surgery. It makes a lot of Americans unable to receive the procedure. What can we do then? Well, you need to read these tips before considering taking bariatric surgery.

1. The cost and criteria

The cheapest weight loss surgery in the US costs around USD 15,000. Thus, many people chose to go to Mexico and get a cheaper option for medical treatments. If you are willing to pay on your own for bariatric surgery in Mexico, you need to meet these requirements in the first place.

Bariatric surgery is designed only for those with BMI 30 and higher. Even though your BMI is not that high but you suffer from diseases due to obesity such as hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, and breathing disorder, you can also get surgery. Mexico only charges as cheap as USD 3,599.

2. The fact about insurance coverage and weight loss surgery

Many people are looking for an answer on how to get weight loss surgery approved by the insurance company. According to reports, at least several cases showed that patients would be denied three times before the approval comes. This process took a long time before you got the answer.

Generally, it depends on your insurance. However, if the surgery is considered for cosmetic purposes then your insurance will deny your request. You need to make the condition appear “medically necessary” in the first place.

3. Make your insurance pay for bariatric surgery

Even though your request might be denied, there is a possibility that the insurance will pay for your surgery. Some steps need to be done though.

First, you need to call the insurance provider directly. Tell them about the weight loss surgery and when you intend to receive the procedure. Next, speak to the HR manager where you work. Your employer may also offer you a suitable plan that helps your procedure cost.

If you are still not sure about how to get your insurance pay for the surgery, talk to your doctor. Ask about what documents are necessary to provide so you can get the “medically necessary” angle. This will help a lot to make you eligible for weight loss surgery while your insurance will pay for it.

Still, you need to acknowledge that the insurance may only cover a few types of bariatric surgeries. Those are such as duodenal switch surgery, gastric lap band, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy. In the US, only several names of insurance companies that cover weight loss surgery. Before asking how to get weight loss surgery approved, make sure you’ve talked to the insurance provider about your options.