clear liquid diet ideas

Clear Liquid Diet Ideas: The Way to Choose for Effective Weight Loss

You must have agreed if I say, having a fat body often worries many people, especially women. It is not about being overweight because you are obese. People often worry when they simply gain weight. For women, fatty body seems not good. If you are looking for the effective way to lose weight, you can consider clear liquid diet ideas. Have you ever heard about this before? If not, you have come to the right place. I would like to talk about the idea of having a clear liquid diet so that you learn that there is a way to lose weight faster.

What is Clear Liquid Diet?

Let’s just start by knowing clear liquid diet itself. What do you know about clear liquid diet ideas? It is the idea of having liquid intake only for a certain amount of time. Liquid diet includes consuming things like broth and juice. They must be that of pure fruits, vegetable juices, herb teas, and vegetable broth. Liquid diet is when you have to remove all salt, sugar, honey, caffeine, or other artificial sweeteners from the foods and drinks that you are going to consume. How do you think such thing can benefit us?

When you consume carbohydrates, your body will be triggered to release insulin, which is a fat storage hormone. This hormone is the one that is responsible to stop the fat burning process in your body. Continuous burning process is important to turn your fat into fuel after all. If the process stops, you must have figured out that the fat will only pile up inside your body and make you gain weight. Clear liquid diet ideas will be the one to control insulin and other fat producing hormones in your body.

The fat burning process will continue to produce energy for your body rather than piling up more fat in your body. Why can it be so? It is because clear liquid diet ideas are foods which contain water, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to offer a constant supply of energy and speed up digestion while giving various additional health benefits. Liquid diet is not an easy thing to do. You might get dizzy or have headache at first, especially in the morning. It is effective if you are used to it already.

The Clear Liquid Diet Ideas to Try

There are many clear liquid diet ideas you can try. It is recommended to take a combination of three to five options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. First, fruit juices are your choice. Whether you take apple juice or cranberry juice, drinking juice will help a lot to maintain energy and electrolytes in your body. Fruit juices will be of help to meet your nutritional needs. Second, gelatin is good to choose as well. It should be able to keep your energy up. You must eat it without fruit or other ingredients.

Third, you can try soup broths. All you need to do to make it is boil a cup of water first and drop in a soup broth cube. Once it is dissolved, you can simply eat it. Not to add other ingredients to it. Clear broth like this is needed to provide nutrients for your body. Fourth, clear sodas are another choice as well. As one of clear liquid diet ideas, clear sodas are the one capable of calming down upset stomach. It contributes to providing you with energy. You should have taken these diet ideas of clear liquid into consideration.

Fifth, you can change the combination of this diet with coffee or tea. Black coffee without milk and cream, or tea can help to deal with upset stomach as well. Sixth, sport drinks added with electrolytes are nice to consider too. It is said to be a good choice for those with gastrointestinal illness or awaiting surgery. Seventh, flavored ice pops without fruit pulp or fruit bits are the last thing to choose. This one is good for those who are waiting for surgery. It is good to choose for those who have been sick too.

The Effectiveness of Clear Liquid Diet

Speak about the effectiveness of clear liquid diet, it won’t be as effective as how it is supposed to be if it is not done properly. If you want it to be effective, you should do a good liquid diet. You can follow the seven clear liquid diet ideas we were talking about just now. As long as you eat what you need to eat to lose weight by having a good liquid intake, you should see some good results. It is not like you can get such result without doing anything else at all. You need to do some light exercises as well.

You can consider of simply walking or doing light yoga. It is done to keep the metabolism in your body moving. Combined with the seven clear liquid diet ideas before, you are considered to have done the best detox diet. If you can go through this diet plan, you should be able to lose 4 to 5 pounds in the first two days. You can lose a pound each day. This is an effective diet plan. Don’t you think it is great? It is not a simple thing to do. You should keep yourself from cheating while doing this diet after all.

This diet is not something that you will have to do forever though. As long as you have lost the weight you want, you can stop doing it. I am not saying that you can stop this diet so suddenly. If you do that, there is a possibility that you will gain weight again instead. After you have those diet ideas above and reach the weight you want, you should break this diet plan slowly. Only if you do this, you can still keep losing weight for a few days even after you break the diet plan. Make sure to keep this in mind.

Those are all what you need to know about clear liquid diet ideas. You now know that this diet plan can be affected as long as you do it properly. Has a combination of three to five clear liquid diets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while doing light exercises, like walking and light yoga should be enough to make you lose weight. Only after you get the weight you want, you can return to normal diet without gaining more weight again as long as you do it slowly and let your body adapt to the change.