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The Steps in Gastric Sleeve Diet before Surgery

Before taking the gastric sleeve surgery, you have to prepare several things firstly. One of the most important ones is preparing your body to be ready as the surgery is undergoing. You will be recommended to do the gastric sleeve diet before surgery by your doctor or health professional. There are lots of diets that you can do before taking surgery. You can hunt some information firstly either from internet, magazines, or other reliable sources that can help you in finding the suitable diet.

The purpose of gastric sleeve diet before surgery

Gastric sleeve diet before the surgery method has some particular purposes. Before taking surgery, you are required to go into the condition of VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. This is aimed for helping the shrink of the liver. You can lose the weight as well as reducing the size of the liver. Both of them will help you in decreasing the risk of complication as you are taking the surgery process. The dietitian will give some advices of the best meal that you have to follow.

There will be the replacements of appropriate meals which are used for the length of time as it is required by the health professional. There is the potential side effect which is namely as constipation. It can be avoided if you consume adequate fiber supplements and fluids during the period. For the gastric sleeve diet before surgery types, there is the one which is namely as two weeks pre op diet. This diet is purposed for making the surgery safer, and the patients healthier.

The type of gastric sleeve diet before surgery

You have to always follow the advice and recommendation of the surgeon. There are several choices of meal options that you can choose. You can eat leaner meats to increase the protein consumption. For lowering the carbohydrate consumption, you are recommended to avoid the rice, cereals, pasta, breads, and many more. You have to eliminate the sugars by eliminating the sodas, juices, desserts, and also the candy.

The menu for gastric sleeve diet before surgery

There are some recommended gastric sleeve diets before surgery menu that can lead you to get the best result for the goal of your surgery. From the breakfast menu of this diet, you can select for the protein shake. You can purchase high quality protein shake from the local stores or other places. As you are purchasing a particular product of protein shakes, you have to make sure that there is no sugar in that product.

For lunch and dinner menu, you can select the lean meat and vegetables. For the snacks, you can get healthy and low carbohydrate snack in between the meals. This can be berries, nuts, vinegar, and small salad with the oil, vegetables, and many more. For the fluids option, you can stay hydrated. It can help to curb the hunger. You can drink typically anything which is low in calories and sugar free. By following the rule in diet, your surgery will be easier and quicker as well as safer.

You have to follow the specific instructions for ensuring that everything will go well with the procedure of the gastric sleeve diet before surgery. The general guidelines can be avoided drinking or eating after the midnight. The stomach should be empty during the surgery process for minimizing the risk of complication. You have to reduce the food portions that you consume. The recommended portions from the health professional must be followed to avoid the risk of stretching in the stomach.

You are recommended to limit the fluid intakes at the meal times. Then, you have to be careful with drinking. You are only recommended to drink the small amount of the fluid with the meals that you have consumed. Much fluid can cause overfill. It can increase of the vomiting and it can stretch the size of the stomach.