is gastric sleeve safe

Is Gastric Sleeve Safe for You?

Gastric sleeve is a kind of weight loss surgery where the procedure is to cut your stomach so that it limits your portion. Your weight will be reduced gradually. It is very effective and good for a long term diet. Some people are afraid of this surgery because some reasons. The most important thing is the safety. Is gastric sleeve safe? I can say that it is safe. However, you have to be careful with the possible side effects that happen.

The Safety of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are many people who are sure to take this weight loss surgery, but some other people are afraid of it. There are many people who have proven that this is really safe for you. The risk of death from this surgery of weight loss is only about 2%. If you follow the procedures and the rules of gastric sleeve, you do not need to be doubtful is gastric sleeve safe. If you are interested in it, you can take it. Make sure that you consult with your doctor or surgeon first.

What Possibly Happens after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Everything has the risk, including this surgery. The risk of this weight loss surgery is not as high as other surgeries. It is possible that there happen some gastric sleeve complications or side effects. Compared to other methods or types of surgery, it has less side effects and complications. You can minimize both of them. The complications will not happen if you follow the rules and advices whereas the side effects can be minimized.

The Possible Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are some complications that possibly happen. Is gastric sleeve safe? We can conclude it after we know the complications. One of them is staple line leaks. The risk of this complication is about 2% of the patients. If you follow the diets before and after surgery as well as the procedures before, during and after surgery, it can prevent this complication. This complication is not dangerous. It can be concluded that gastric sleeve surgery is a safe method to lose weight.

The second possible complication that happens after gastric sleeve surgery is bleeding. Bleeding is normal to happen because your surgeon will cut your stomach. Bleeding can be prevented if you follow the diet after surgery. You have to pay attention to each step of your diet. The estimated percentage of the risk of bleeding is only about 1%, less than 2% where the staple line leaks possibly happen. Another complication that is possible to happen is strictures or stenosis. You do not need to worry about this complication because it happens to the percentage of about a half percent. So, is gastric sleeve safe? It depends on you to follow the procedures or not.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safety Compared to Other Weight Loss Surgeries

Talk about gastric sleeve surgery risks should compare to the other weight loss surgeries. Gastric sleeve is better or at least as good as gastric bypass. It is better than after lap band weight loss surgery. In the result, the losing weight is much more effective and faster. The risk level of gastric sleeve is similar to gastric bypass. It is much safer compared to other methods.

The Percentage of Mortality Risk from Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The most dangerous risk of surgery is the death or mortality. Every surgery has this risk. The percentage of this risk is different from one surgery to another. How about this weight loss surgery? Based on a research, the percentage of mortality risk of this surgery is only about 0.13%. It is very small so that it can be said that gastric sleeve surgery is safe to take for you who want to lose weight.

What Affects the Risk of Mortality, or Other complications or Side Effects?

The risk of gastric sleeve includes not only side effects, but also complications and even mortality. Why do different people have different risks? There are some factors that affect it. One of them is the weight factor. If you are overweight, you have a higher risk. Besides that, age also affects it. Medical history has an important role. It depends on the patient him or herself. So, is gastric sleeve safe may depend on those factors above.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for People with Certain Disease

Is gastric sleeve surgery safe for diabetes type 2? This is a good question and it can be one of the benefits of this weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery does not only function to lose weight, but also treat some diseases. One of them is type 2 of diabetes. The problem is that you have to be careful with some diseases. People with certain digestive problems are not allowed to take this surgery because it can danger their stomach or digestion. So, is gastric sleeve safe depends on the condition of the patients.

The Importance of Diet Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Diet is needed after and before the surgery. The diet focuses on the foods you eat every day. Diet after surgery should be paying attention more because it is much more important. Most complications or side effects happen because the patients do not follow the diet as well. Therefore, is gastric sleeve safe depends on how you follow the diet.

That is all about the question of is gastric sleeve safe. It is not debatable because the safety depends on some factors. If you follow all the procedures, it will be safe. If you do not follow the procedures, you should be ready with the complications, side effects, or other risks.