gastric sleeve complications

How to Minimize Gastric Sleeve Complications

People who are overweight more and more. It happens is almost all countries. It is caused by the unhealthy foods which they eat. Other factors may affect this problem such as genetic factors, bad lifestyles, etc. People prefer a fast way to reduce their weight in this modern era. The fastest way is by getting gastric sleeve surgery. It is a surgery where your stomach will be cut smaller, so it can control your eating portion to be smaller. It will able to reduce your weight fast. You have to be careful with gastric sleeve complications.

How to Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before you think about gastric sleeve complications, you need to know the how to get gastric sleeve surgery first. This surgery is taken by those who have tried many kinds of diets, but failed with all of them. It can be the practical and faster way to lose weight. If you want to get this surgery, you need to make sure that you have a body mass index more than 35. It is recommended to have about 40 of body mass index.

What to Expect from Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before you take this surgery, you need to know gastric sleeve surgery expectations. It will be able to lose your weight from 60% up to 70% of the extra weight over a half of a year by taking this weight loss surgery. It is very great and it is a safe surgery and minimize the side effects. But you have to be careful about gastric sleeve complications. You should follow all the rules to minimize it all.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits

You should know the benefits that you will get if you get gastric sleeve surgery. One of the benefits is a great diet with good life quality. You may eat various foods after you get this diet, but with small portion. It is considered as the fastest weight loss method. You do not need to take a long time to lose your weight. The requirements to get this surgery are simple. Besides, you are in good health, you just need to have more than 35 body mass index.

Gastric Sleeve Disadvantages

You should know the disadvantages of gastric sleeve surgery. By taking this surgery, you will not only have gastric sleeve complications but also the disadvantages. As we know that the most common fear from this surgery is the complications. There are some complications that may be possible to happen, but it is very rare. Another disadvantage is related to the effect. After getting this surgery, you have to keep your ideal weight and control your eating. If you cannot do that, your weight may be heavier again.

The Most Common Gastric Sleeve Complications

One of the most common gastric sleeve surgery complications is bleeding. It is very rare to happen where it is only possible occurring about 1 compared to 200 patients. Staple line leaks can happen. From 100 patients, one of them may have the risk of this complication. You may get infected. You just need to apply antibiotics to treat it. It is very rare to need reparations. Other possible complications are wound issues, blood clots, chest infections, and strictures. Those are gastric sleeve complications that you have to know.

Minor Complication of Gastric Sleeve Complication

Besides those various possible complications, you need to know that there is a minor complication that is caused by this gastric sleeve surgery. This minor complication is called Gastro esophageal reflux disease or known as GERD. Different from the previous possible complications that are very rare happening. This minor complication can happen to one out of five patients. It happens a year after the surgery. Gastro esophageal reflux disease belongs to gastric sleeve complications.

How to Prevent Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications

Can you prevent the complications of this surgery? How to prevent gastric surgery sleeve complications? Complications will happen caused by the patients themselves. There are many cases where they are blamed for the complications occur. There are many ways to minimize the risk of complications after getting this surgery. If you want to lower the risk of gastric sleeve complications, you need to follow all the rules and tips that recommended by the doctor or surgeon.

Post Care after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After the surgery, you cannot go home. You need to stay at the hospital for the recovery time. It does not only purpose to recover your condition, but also to prevent gastric sleeve complications. It is one of the procedures that you have to follow. If you do not have this recovery time, it may danger the surgery result. This post takes care from three days. There are some people who need to stay up to five days. It will depend on the patients’ condition.


After the surgery, you need to control and monitor your condition. It will give the best result and prevent something unexpected. So, making appointments are needed. You need to make an appointment with your surgeon. It will be best to make an appointment after one to three weeks. It will be good to monitor your condition and prevent gastric sleeve complications.

Another appointment that you need to make is with a dietician. It purposes to control your diet after the surgery. You need to change lifestyle after you get this weight loss surgery. Your weight will always be controlled. It will be best to make an appointment with a dietician after three to six weeks. This will relate to minimizing gastric sleeve complications. Hopefully this will be a useful reference, especially for those who are interested in gastric sleeve surgery.