dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve surgery

How to Prevent Dumping Syndrome After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Do you know how to prevent dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve surgery? Dumping syndrome is a very uncomfortable condition where food moves too fast from your stomach to your intestine. This condition often happens after gastric sleeve surgery. However, you can easily prevent this syndrome by doing some of these things.

What You Can Do to Prevent Dumping Syndrome After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

1. Chewing Your Food Slowly and Carefully

Now that you know what is dumping syndrome, let’s talk about how to prevent it. And the easiest way for you to do that is by changing your habit when it comes to chewing your food. By chewing your food carefully, you will be able to prevent large chunks of food from entering your intestine. That way, you will prevent your intestine from being irritated.

2. Try Lying Down After Eating

Another thing that you can try is to lie down after eating. This does not mean that you should lie down flat on the floor. However, you might want to lean back and rest after you eat. Slightly lying down will help slow the movement of the food in your intestine. By doing this, you can prevent dumping syndrome.

3. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the things that can worsen the dumping syndrome symptoms. That is why you should certainly stop drinking alcohol. You might even want to cut off the alcohol from your diet for the rest of your life. Another reason why you might want to stop drinking alcohol after gastric bypass surgery is that you will get drunk faster, which is not good at all.

4. Avoid Having Fluids with Your Meal

You should avoid having fluids with your meal if you want to prevent dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve surgery. You should only consume liquids between meals. And you should also avoid having fluids 30 minutes before and after eating.

5. Acidic Foods are Your Enemy

You should also know to avoid acidic foods after you have gone through gastric sleeve surgery. You will be able to find so many different types of acidic foods, including tomatoes and citrus fruits. These foods are not very easy to digest, especially for people who had just gone through gastric sleeve surgery.

6. Eat Foods that are Low in Fat

Eating foods that are low in fat can be a dumping syndrome treatment. It will also help you avoid symptoms of this uncomfortable condition. You might want to choose grilling, baking, or broiling your food instead of frying it. That way, your stomach will not become uncomfortable.

7. Eat Foods that are High in Fiber

Lastly, you should also consider eating foods that are rich in fiber. Adding a fiber supplement to your diet can be a great choice. Fiber will help your body when it comes to digesting food. And that is why it is a great nutrient that you need to add to your diet.

Gastric sleeve surgery can cause dumping syndrome, which can feel uncomfortable. However, you can prevent it by doing the things that we have mentioned above. That is all you need to know about preventing dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve surgery.