diet after gastric sleeve

Best Tips for Diet after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is more famous now. There are many people who are overweight. They do not want to take a manual diet, which needs too long time. They take this weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve is a method of weight loss surgery where your stomach will be cut to be smaller. It functions to make you faster to feel satisfied. You have to pay attention to your diet after gastric sleeve surgery, especially on your foods. You need to consider the following tips and guides.

Diet after Gastric Sleeve Surgery Tips

Prioritize Foods with Rich of Nutrients

After taking this weight loss surgery, you may lose much nutrient. You have to get it as much as possible. You need to prioritize getting foods that contain nutrient dense. Not all foods are rich in nutrients. Bread will make you feel full fast, but it does not contain high nutrients. It will be better for you to prioritize fish, banana, apple, etc., which have many nutrients needed by your body.

Avoid Drinking Calories

Even though your stomach is smaller, you want to feel satisfied when you have diet after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. Some people prefer to drink calories to make greater energy. Do you know that most of caloric drinks contain much sugar? Sugar is not friendly for your diet. It will make your body weight increased and cause some risks of diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, etc. You need to keep away caloric drinks for your diet after the surgery.

Make a Proper Diet Plan

Know what foods that are allowed and not allowed to eat is not enough for you. You need to have a plan to be successful with your diet after gastric sleeve surgery. Make sure that you plan it properly. It relates to your eating portion, eating menus, etc. You can consider making plans for diet exercises. You need to do exercises to get your ideal body weight. It will be very useful and helpful for you.

Chew Your Meals Well and Eat Slowly

You should pay attention to your eating habit and eating duration. Most people want to eat fast so that they will feel full faster. It is not good for stomach. You need to chew your meals as well. It will ease your digestion to absorb your foods and nutrients you eat. You have always to eat slowly. The most ideal eating duration is about 20 to 30 minutes. You have a long time to eat and you should use it well in your diet after the surgery.

Plan What to Eat when You Go Out

You cannot stay at home forever during your gastric sleeve surgery diet. Then, you need to go out for refreshing for example. You have to plan what to eat when you go out. When you go to work, it may be impossible to go home for lunch. What should you eat? You have to be careful in choosing the foods and getting a portion. If you go to a restaurant, it will be better for you to consider half portion size. It can be good for your diet after gastric sleeve surgery.

Get Much Water

If you like eating before you take this weight loss surgery, you need to change your habit. After this surgery, you need to reduce your portion. For the replacement, you need to get much water. Water will be the best to consume in your diet after gastric sleeve surgery. You can drink fresh water, juice, or other kinds of water as long as they do not contain alcohol, sweetener, sugar, etc. that are not good for your diet. You should drink water maximally each 30 minutes.

Clear Liquids for the First Week Diet

The first week of your diet is the most vital period. You are not allowed to eat anything but drinking clear liquids. Clear liquids that you can get are sugar free drinks, non carbonated drinks, sugar free popsicles, decaf coffee, decaf tea, Jell-O, broth, water. You can consider other clear liquids above, but you have to make sure that the clear liquids are free of caffeine, sugar, sweetener, and carbonate. If you follow it, your diet after gastric sleeve surgery will be working well.

Full Liquids for the Second Week Diet

You are allowed to consume full liquids in the second week of the gastric sleeve surgery. You have to make sure that they contain high protein. Protein is very important for your diet because it is the greatest nutrient your body needs. You can consider drinking nonfat and sugar free ice cream, sugar free juice, etc. Pudding, yogurt, and oatmeal that are nonfat and sugar free are good for your diet after gastric sleeve surgery.

Soft Pureed Foods for the Third Week Diet

You are allowed to eat foods in the third week of your diet after gastric sleeve surgery. It is only soft, pureed foods. Soups, scrambled eggs, soft or steamed fish, canned salmon, and mashed fruits are some of the examples. You have to make sure that you get 60 grams of protein a day.

Introducing Foods for the Fourth Week Diet

When the fourth week after the surgery comes, you can start to eat real foods. You can consider eating cereal, baked potatoes, vegetables, fish, etc. Try new foods gradually everyday until you are ready to eat the regular foods. You have to make sure that you eat healthy foods so that your diet after gastric sleeve surgery will not be wasteful.