Types of weight loss surgery

The Types of Weight Loss Surgery

If you want to lose your weight, there are many ways that you can do. For example, is diet. It will take too long. If you want to lose your weight fast, weight loss surgery is the best option. It is a kind of surgery where your stomach or flank is cut to be smaller. Your portion of eating will be smaller. There are different types of weight loss surgery that you should know. You have to choose it based on the methods that you want. This article will discuss about it to ease you to decide it.

3 Types of Weight Loss Surgery

1. Restrictive Surgeries

Restrictive surgery is one of the weight loss surgery types. It is a surgery to shrink your stomach or flank. There are some methods that are used. One of them is gastric banding. This surgery divides your stomach into two sections by using an inflatable band. They are upper pouch as well as the lower section. They are still connected that functions to slow down the foods from the upper pouch. After taking this surgery by this method, you will feel full faster.

There is sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. It is a weight loss surgery by removing the stomach up to 75%. It can be said an extreme weight loss surgery because of the great stomach removing. So, it is taken by the people who are really overweight. People who have or high risk of diseases caused by their weight often takes this weight loss surgery. It is very effective.

There is Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass. It belongs to one of the most common weight loss surgeries taken by people. Your stomach will be cut to be smaller. It is divided into two sections. They are upper and lower sections. It can be said that it is the combination between gastric banding and sleeve Gastrectomy. After taking this surgery, you will feel full faster because your portion of eating is will be reduced naturally.

The maestro Rechargeable system is a good method. It is one of the kind of weight loss surgery where the purpose is similar to the other weight loss surgeries to make you feel full faster. It is very effective to lose your weight. But, it has some risks. One of them is the risk of infection. Complication and implantation are possible to happen. Consider the effectiveness of this weight loss surgery, the Maestro Rechargeable system can be one of the most effective types of weight loss surgery.

Another method is Biliopancreatic diversion. It is very extreme because it removes up to 70% of your stomach. Compared to gastric bypass, it is more effective to lose your weight. You can eat more meals. People prefer taking this method of surgery. It is safe and the risk of side effect is low. It belongs to one of the types of weight loss surgery that you need to consider to try.

2. Malabsorptive Surgeries

The second type is Malabsorptive Surgeries. It can be one of the most favorite weight loss surgery kinds. It works to change your portion of eating by cutting your stomach. Besides making you feel full faster, it can keep you full longer. You do not want to eat too often. It can be one of the most effective types of weight loss surgery.

3. Implanting Electrical Device

Another type is implanting electrical device. It is the newest technique of weight loss surgery. It purposes to interrupt the nerve signals between your stomach and your brain. The nerve signals will tell that you are full so that your portion will be smaller. It is a new method. There are many people who prefer this weight loss surgery because of the effectiveness. After you know all the types of weight loss surgery above, you can choose one of them based on your own considerations.